Anyone using this program.? I have it installed on another computer and I copied the settings for my new computer but it Reckons my smtp server setting are incorrect. Is this program always that difficult to install.?

geek_pato1, Sep 26, 1:11 am

Yes I use this program. It takes a bit of getting use to. If you are using it as an email client for an email account from your ISP, the defaults are usually wrong. Plus, when you have saved your settings the first time (especially for the outgoing server), you will have to change back certain settings. I can send you some screenshots if you give your email address.

geek_tomcraft, Sep 26, 1:16 am

Go to your email provider's website and double-check your settings - there may be minor things you have to change.

You also shouldn't post your email address here, as the other poster has suggested.

geek_dunedin_ree, Sep 26, 1:21 am

That would be very much appreciated. I am slowly loosing all my hair with dam thing.
My email; aljay889(at)hotmail(dot)com

geek_pato1, Sep 26, 1:24 am

Don't listen to Dunedin_Ree, she is never of any help.

geek_tomcraft, Sep 26, 1:27 am

Email sent. If you look at the settings for this at your ISP's website, there is more to it than what they say.

geek_tomcraft, Sep 26, 1:29 am

As I said, I have Thunderbird installed on another computer. Can I just put it on a dvd and then load it into my new computer, or won't it work that way.? I would have all the settings.?

geek_pato1, Sep 26, 2:04 am

pato1 wrote:
That would be very much appreciated. I am slowly loosing all my hair with dam thing.

geek_pato1, Sep 26, 2:05 am

How do I remove that email address please.?

geek_pato1, Sep 26, 2:09 am

I don't think you can now, once you place another post, no previous posts can be edited. I get annoyed with it also.

geek_tomcraft, Sep 26, 2:21 am

I don't think it's that easy.

geek_tomcraft, Sep 26, 2:22 am

Hit the edit button beside that post and remove it

geek_ralphdog1, Sep 26, 2:22 am

geek_ralphdog1, Sep 26, 2:24 am

There won't be an edit option on a post that far back. Even though it's not that far back. I can't even edit mine back near that one.

geek_tomcraft, Sep 26, 2:24 am

I've learnt something there, thankyou.
Another day that can be signed off as a success!

geek_ralphdog1, Sep 26, 2:56 am

Actually it's a time limit.

geek_dunedin_ree, Sep 26, 3:14 am

Thanks. Which method have you used and was it successful.?

geek_pato1, Sep 26, 3:36 am

What ISP are you with?Have you gone and checked the settings on their website?

geek_dunedin_ree, Sep 26, 3:37 am

geek_ralphdog1, Sep 26, 3:38 am

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geek_osymandias, Sep 26, 4:08 am