"Windows can't open Add Printer"

oshoman, Sep 26, 11:45pm
The local print spooler service is not working. Please restart the spooler or restart the machine.

Q - restarting the computer didn't work, how do I restart the spooler. (and WTF is a spooler?)

icioufa, Sep 27, 12:08am
you can check to see if your print spooler is starting automatically which it should be unless it's been disabled,type in services.msc scroll down, double click on print spooler & make it auto if it isn't already...

r.g.nixon, Sep 27, 12:09am
Start > Run > services.msc
Look for Print Spooler. Change to Automatic and Start it.
A spooler is a program that collects print output into a temporary file and sends it to the printer.

oshoman, Sep 27, 12:41am
Thanks for info. Started it OK but when I send something to print it just cuts out. Was trying to print a google-map, thought the problem might be with that, but won't print Word doc either. Would re-installing the printer help?

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