Race timing software in Access 95?

jhwjhw, Sep 27, 2:06am
Hi there

Ive created an excel spreadsheet with macros to sort the rows so that it displays by Time, Class and Rider number.

But, when printed out, all the rows get printed in one continous block, so theres no break between say U19, then 20-39yrs.

I was hoping someone would help me in working out how I could, in Excel, workout how to create a break as above, or perhaps creating something similar in Access 95? which can indeed do as I want.

The trouble is, Ive never done anything in access,

Nothing too demanding is required. All way want to do, is scroll down to a Rider number, then manually enter the ride time. Sort & print results by Overall time, Sort & print by class. Finally sort by Rider number.

Nice to have would be to sort by Name and Surname, but thats on a wish list.

Thanksplease contact me on rtc100.co.nz

Anyone out there interested in assisting please.

jayc2007, Sep 27, 2:29am
I believe you will have some trouble finding help here for your exact version of Access or Excel, if you're using 95.

The current version is 2010, and most people are on 2007.

In 2007 and 2010, it is very straightforward.

If you upload the .xls file someone can do it for you

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