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badboy12345, Sep 30, 9:39am
I am looking to buy a printer but have absolutely no idea whats good and whats not. I would be using it for printing address onto envelopes, printing regular a4 documents and printing covers onto printable dvds. It would get low-medium use with both colour and black and white being used. Doesn't need to be top of the range, just something that does the job. Any recommendations?

jayc2007, Sep 30, 9:58am
If you get an ink-based printer you will be spending A LOT of money on cartridges - especially if you print a lot of colour.

Laser color printers are more expensive, but will rarely need to replace the "toner" (ink). The colours are not as vibrant generally compared to ink printing on photo paper but it's still pretty good. They are also much faster!

segadc, Sep 30, 10:04am
good luck finding a laser that will print on printable dvds.

badboy12345, Sep 30, 10:10am
Yea I wouldn't look at printing photos. The only thing apart from paper is printing onto dvds. Even then it doesn't have to be top notch.

segadc, Sep 30, 10:22am
just go into a shop find the cheapest canon or epson printer with a dvd print tray and buy it. should cost you aprox $100 and will be perfectly suited to your level of use.

drsr, Sep 30, 10:24am
I would get the Canon Pixma ip4850. I have the preceding model (ip4700) which is more or less the same and it's excellent, really reliable, good paper handling, prints DVDs well, cartridges are refillable and not too expensive (but chipped).

badboy12345, Sep 30, 10:26am
Thanks for your help guys! Canon sounds great.

-mung-, Sep 30, 10:28am

jayc2007, Sep 30, 10:33am
oops didn't notice in the OP

badboy12345, Sep 30, 10:35am
Whats the difference between the ip4850 and the 270?

drsr, Sep 30, 10:38am

In Canon's case you can refill the cartridges and just override the printer when the chips think it should be out of ink, and you can still buy third-party compatible cartridges but they're slightly more expensive than non-chipped ones.

drsr, Sep 30, 10:43am
Do you mean the ip2700 or the MP270? I don't think either of them will print on DVDs.

jayc2007, Sep 30, 10:47am
ip4850 or ip4700?

badboy12345, Sep 30, 10:51am
Sorry I think I have confused many of you. Does the MP270 print onto dvds?

lythande1, Sep 30, 5:14pm
Thats not quite accurate. Some inkjets are fine - you have to check how many pages you get per cartridge.
And the same applies to lasers, some you get lots of pages per toner but some you don't. And that's what it comes down to.

richms, Sep 30, 6:30pm
Get 2 printers, a black and white laser to do the documents and envelopes etc, and a colour inkjet for the printable DVDs.

Documents on an inkjet look amateur and if you do envelopes on it, the ink will run if it gets wet which is pretty bad.

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