GMail - How many ppl access it via Email Client?

sighkick, May 16, 11:30pm
GMail - How many ppl access it via Email Client? I was just wondering how many people, who have a GMail account, actually access it via Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, Pegasus or even that Incredimail [have I missed any?]. It is the one feature that sets it above the rest, the fact that you can access GMail [Google Mail] without ever going to the Website. What's more, you are using a SSL [Secure connection] on Port 995.

wakari06, May 16, 11:33pm
Yep Thunderbird here - both XP and Ubuntu

phil_boy, May 16, 11:35pm
Same here... I use Gmail with Outlook 2007

soodanim, May 16, 11:36pm
Nope... I did, can't remember why I don't anymore, but that port (995) is the only port that'll work isn't it?

mone, May 16, 11:37pm
Using Gmail with Incredimail? hah thats like drinking beer with salt.

nzmu, May 16, 11:41pm
Nah... just have the vista gadget on desktop.

sighkick, May 16, 11:43pm
Sood - yeah, I think that port 995 SSL is the port to use. Is that a problem? Hey mone - I didn't want to upset the Incredimail users any more than we already do in this message board :P~

soodanim, May 16, 11:48pm
I dunno is there? "What's more, you are using a SSL [Secure connection] on Port 995." I was just saying it's the PORT that is is there a problem?

sighkick, May 17, 12:04am
Sood..... I think you misread my post... "What's more, you are using a SSL [Secure connection] on Port 995." - This was supposed to convey the fact that this is SPECIAL, GREAT, AMAZING for a FREE service. There is no problem with the fact and I only mentioned the port for the uninitiated. Setting up your email client is a little more involved than a regular setup [requiring SSL and the port to be included in the server details]. p.s. I use it already ... I run my own mail server ... and wondered if others were taking advantage of the fantastic email offer from GMail.

soodanim, May 17, 12:33am
Lol fair enough.... "I only mentioned the port for the uninitiated" probably they wouldn't have the foggiest what you are talking about anyway. I did misread, but I misinterpreted why you mentioned

puddleduck00, May 17, 12:39am
Yep thunderbird with gmail here, IMAP on both Ubuntu and XP. Four different accounts.

sighkick, May 17, 12:49am
Yeah, about the same here Puddle... An old FreeNet account, my ISP account, a spare dialup account via [use it to trickle down my 'downloads' for 18 hours per day, 6 hours on broadband], Gmail of course and a couple of accounts on my own mail server/domain.

julieandcasper, May 17, 1:12am
Yes I access it using Outlook. I used to have two different servers (gmail and yahoo) downloading to Outlook via POP but I'm now forwarding mail from my junk yahoo (spam avoidance) account so it gets better filtering from gmail before I get it. So I'm using gmail as my only incoming and outgoing server.

chapadao, May 17, 2:39am
Yep i use it with thunderbird, nice to have a pop account or two (or six) I can keep even when I change isps.

charles.j, May 17, 3:31am
#1 Yep i use it on windows mail. Vista..

dunedin_ree, May 17, 3:55am
Nope I use the web client. Would never go back to using a web client again.

dunedin_ree, May 17, 3:57am
Argh. Well that made no sense at all ... I use the web client and would never go back to using a desktop client again. my browser is my world (and that's FF, FWIW).

btoogood, May 17, 5:28am
Yip use it with evolution(linux)

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