Help please cant access sites like Ministry of

shells23, Oct 3, 9:05am
Health etc on my computer but can access others , doesnt anyone have any idea what the prob could be are there some settings that might have been changed by mistake etc? I need to access this asap for an essay , thanks heaps

dunedin_ree, Oct 3, 9:07am
Post the addresses of sites you can and can't visit.

Who is your ISP?

shells23, Oct 3, 9:11am
ok im so sorry but im not very computer savy , do you mean my internet provider? I use telecom if that helps, ok ill go back and see what other sites i couldnt acess ,I cant remember off the top of my head but this is def

ngubb, Oct 3, 9:14am
MOH site is currently down.

shells23, Oct 3, 9:19am
oh ok is there a way you know that? or is just as the page cant be displayed?

dunedin_ree, Oct 3, 9:21am

shells23, Oct 3, 9:25am
Fantastic thanks heaps :)

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