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msloopie, Oct 4, 4:43am
Hi there,

I use Thunderbird and IMAP on Windows7.Have been using this since start of the year. But yesterday, starting getting an error "Unable to load address book file impab.mab. It may be read_only or locked by another application. Please try again later".

It's not read_only, as I have checkd properties and has write permission. and its the application to use said file.

I spoke to my ISP and they are non the wiser. I also googled, but I can't make much sense of what's been posted about this error.

Oh, the error message appears when I start typing an address to send an email. it doesn't stop me sendinf emails, but doesn't do the drop down list with known addresses.

Hope someone out there can help.

TVM in advance

r.g.nixon, Oct 4, 4:57am
Get this excellent bit of freeware to 'unlock files that may be in use.

msloopie, Oct 4, 5:33am
Downloaded, installed and tried that.

Unlocker reported 'no locking handle found'.

And the error still appears when I start Thunderbird.

little_egypt, Oct 4, 5:58am
Try deleting abook.mab (or rename it, if you think you might want to try recovering it later), apparently the file gets corrupted sometimes.

msloopie, Oct 4, 6:50am
The problem file is impab.mab. I have tried renaming it, but unlike abook.mab, TBird doesn't recreate it ...

and some of the forum info on .mab files seems to be for older versions of Tbird and XP.

(have downloaded some addons, but they won't run on TBird 3.x!)

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