Windows CE Free spy wear removal tool?

princess4, Oct 4, 8:13am
Hi.My XP laptop is in shop for repair, so im forced to use an old windows CE Netbook.What is a free spywear removel tool I can use on the netbook for the next few days, untill the XP laptop is repaired.I dont have any antivirus or spywear removel tools on the ce netbook at all.

dunedin_ree, Oct 4, 8:15am
Do you have spyware?If not then you don't need a removal tool.

Google for Windows CE anti-virus - that's your best bet.If there even is such a thing anymore.

ferita, Oct 4, 6:12pm
there are very few viruses for windows CE and none in the wild

bella95, Oct 5, 10:04am
Hi princess try this.

Don't know a good one for spyware though.

dino7, Oct 5, 10:16am
Sort of like Linux then? lol

profink, Oct 5, 10:18am
they must have figured having to use CE was enough of a torture in itself and not bothered releasing any

hapukanz, Oct 5, 10:33am
"........spy wear removal tool?...."

So software for removing clothes from spies?? hope it is a hot looking SHE spy LOL

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