Alternatives to adobe pdf reader

xxamr_corpxx, May 17, 5:09am
Alternatives to adobe pdf reader I'm sick of all the nag screens and the annnoying updaters. does anyone have recommendations for a lightweight PDF reader that integrates well with IE7?

michaelsblood, May 17, 5:12am
Foxit reader the best , super fast too.

pcmaster, May 17, 6:03am
I second foxit reader

acura, May 17, 6:15am
... as above... and tis very much portable. Copy the exe over to a usb stick and that is it.

0800xford, May 17, 8:19am
.... foxit here too =)

mrfxit, May 17, 8:28am
Another vote For you know what ;-)

olack, May 17, 9:45am
I used Foxit following adfvice here, but after.. ..every 5th time it was opened online IE would want to shut down with MS error messages so I loaded Adobe Reader...then I would uncheck the many many preferences checked by default in Adobe and I would never have a problem with it.

badcam, May 17, 9:47am
I've read 7. Foxit reader is the one to use.

stuckinmud, May 17, 1:10pm
I used Foxit reader on my old computer, and it was great. It's a nice and small download too - none of that 100+mb stuff. Now with a faster computer, I can't even tell the difference in time it takes to open so I just use Adobe Reader.

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