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lostdude, Oct 4, 11:32am
Down at time of posting. Xnet.

dice4, Oct 4, 11:34am
Must be a sign I should go to bed

lostdude, Oct 4, 11:35am
You with Xnet?

enigma, Oct 4, 11:36am
+1 Orcon.

damon3, Oct 4, 11:36am
My orcon connections are completely dead, no dial tone either FFS

dice4, Oct 4, 11:37am
Yep, I'm with xnet.

webhost, Oct 4, 11:37am
Same with Vodafone.

silver-trader, Oct 4, 11:37am
is his just xnet and orcon or everyone?

enigma, Oct 4, 11:38am
Yep, mine are coming and going.

aidy40, Oct 4, 11:38am
Same with XNET how does that happen?

thegilly, Oct 4, 11:38am
+1 Voda (broadband and 3G both).I'm with #2, I guess it's bedtime.:-)

dice4, Oct 4, 11:39am
yea, I'd love to stay up and watch everyone panic. It will be all fixed in the morning. LOL

damon3, Oct 4, 11:40am
Damn it, I'm in the middle of my assignment too, I went to look up some info, and now I have totally lost my train of thought, must be time for a break, I'm gonna go play F1 2010 for a bit...

aidy40, Oct 4, 11:42am
It signed me out of my playstation network as well! cant play ps3 online

lostdude, Oct 4, 11:43am
K, must be a nation-wide problem... Telecom professionalism shines through yet again /sarcasm.

Telstraclear is looking more & more appealing <.<

legaxy, Oct 4, 11:43am
Same here on slingshot.Wahh. :(

julzd2, Oct 4, 11:44am
i sense a long day for those in the call centres tomorrow.

jeremy_74, Oct 4, 11:45am
Orcon here too :(

lostdude, Oct 4, 11:45am
LOL, yet you're still able to post.

aidy40, Oct 4, 11:46am
Werid I cant get onto google its a nz site lol

dunedin_ree, Oct 4, 11:47am
Fine for me.Downloading from the states as we speak.


hill-beast, Oct 4, 11:47am
Slingshot are also down. Sounds like Australia are being idiots and cut our internet off to annoy us.

damon3, Oct 4, 11:47am
Yeah man, there's always a way, my Dad lives over the road, he's on Vodafone, worst case scenario I can just tether my phone to my laptop.

hill-beast, Oct 4, 11:48am
Who are you with?

legaxy, Oct 4, 11:48am
But the server hosting it might not necessarily be in NZ.Just because the domain ends in NZ, doesn't mean the actual site is located in NZ.

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