Internet Explorer 9 Cannot forward emails now

Since I upgraded from Internet Explorer 8 to series 9 I now cannot forward emails on.
Any sugestion on settings that I need to know to be able to do this.
Please don't say move onto Mozella Firefox.


geek_rayj, Oct 5, 2:48 pm

What are you using to send emails.Sounds unusual that internet explorer is the reason.

geek_d.laidlaw, Oct 5, 2:59 pm

is something to do with some power cut in queen st. so I was told.

geek_myffy, Oct 5, 3:04 pm

Move onto Mozilla Firefox!

geek_r.g.nixon, Oct 5, 3:24 pm

yep ... Firefox for da win.

geek_gibler, Oct 5, 3:27 pm

move to google chrome

geek_dazza64, Oct 5, 3:29 pm

i hate it when people offer solutions like use firefox or google. People know that these may fix the problem so why bother suggesting them


Need some more info. you say you carnt forward emails. what email are you using what i call online email hotmail gmail yahoo or are you using say xtra or sling shot and using outlook exprees or somthing like that htanks

geek_g_yde, Oct 5, 7:14 pm

You're using a beta.That's the risk you take when you use software that isn't properly finished.

Use firefox or uninstall the upgrade to v9.

geek_dunedin_ree, Oct 5, 7:25 pm

^^ beta are not stable working versions. If it was not beta we would have something to investigate, betas do have bugs

geek_johnf_456, Oct 5, 7:39 pm

Yes, I have the problem with IE9 and my email provider CecturyLink. I open Google and the emails forward okay

geek_a240z, Jul 30, 10:56 am