Recent av reviews including free and non-free

corinne67, Oct 24, 9:16am
just wanting to find a reputable review site, if anyone can point me in the right direction, cheers

0800xford, Oct 24, 9:18am
just get avira's antivir and be done with it

corinne67, Oct 24, 9:21am
thanks I have already, I just wanting to show someone that mcafee (that came free with his new computer) is not the greatest to have

babcorp, Oct 24, 9:33am
well mcafee wouldn't be the choice of the majority here, but at least its not nortons.

deodar, Oct 24, 9:48am
Most review sites put avira 1st,free or paid, Nortons is improving the
detection rate but probably Kaspersky & Russian labs are real proactive.

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