A smallish printer problem

lilyfield, Oct 24, 5:51am
Hp 3-in-one set on black print only. if I use photopaper-the writing and picture are very faint. If I use ordinary paper-its strong. How to fix? trying to print some black and white photo cards. It looks like the gloss does not accept the ink....

movies2go, Oct 24, 6:00am
you call that a smallish problem..

0800xford, Oct 24, 6:04am

lilyfield, Oct 24, 8:57am
don't think so Oxy

0800xford, Oct 24, 8:59am
just thought i'd mention it just in case =]

richms, Oct 24, 10:18am
Photo paper takes a lot more ink, I don't think that black only is compatible with choosing photo paper.

IMO if they are just 6x4 give up and go to the warehouse and use a kiosk. Cheap home printers suck for black and white because they have no greys in them so use the coloured inks and you get strange rainbowing effects in the gradients. The prints I did at the warehouse for 12c look pretty good - not as nice as a printer with a good grey inkset in it but much better then I was getting at home with a cheap 6 colour epson.

lilyfield, Oct 24, 10:37am
richms--thought it was the other way round--photo paper uses less ink. ordinary paper takes more as it sinks in-so to speak.
I was trying to print a greetingcard ,last minute present, am too mean to buy coloured ink as I don't really ever use it.Will have to look if I can save the wizzard card making to a flash drive and take to the printers. Might be my only way.

brummoi, Oct 25, 12:27am
have a poke around in Printer Properties for a greyscale setting. After getting ugly 'coloured' b/w prints, I found this and they're definitely more than passable using cheapo 3-colour Canon printer.

richms, Oct 25, 4:06am
If you print on normal paper with it set to photo, the paper ends up really really wet and curls up because of the volume of ink. Depends on dye vs pigment really.

But for good greyscale prints you really need a grey inkset. A friend has a set of MSI inks that just swap over into a 4 ink epson and look amazing.

0800xford, Oct 24, 6:04am

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