Compaq or Acer Laptop with Vista Home Basic

Hi everyone,
Just after a bit of advice.I am buying a laptop for my Mum who only browses the net and does the odd bit of printing from her PC.Am wondering if anyone has had any major issues with a laptop with Vista Home Basic on it.We brought a new PC a few years ago that had Vista and it kept crashing etc when trying to load printers and camera software however our Acer laptop has Vista Home Basic with no issues.In saying that we only use our laptop for the net so have not added printers etc.Her current PC is over 7 years old so I am guessing that even a cheaper laptop now should be lots better for her. She also uses the wireless vodafone internet as no broadband in her area.
Thanks in advance.

geek_missus_j, Oct 23, 9:26 am

Yep, just get a cheap one but wait until you can get one with Windows 7 on it.

geek_poohy99, Oct 23, 10:01 am

windows 7 systems are already selling here in CHCH.

I'd avoid Vista since you already say you had problems with that in the past.

geek_kiwikidd77, Oct 23, 10:05 am

I have an Acer Aspire running Vista. Have had it for 2 years at least, and no problems at all with Vista.

geek_mrstoby21, Oct 26, 4:45 pm

vista is greatly improved IF you install the service packs

geek_drcspy, Oct 26, 4:48 pm

Initially I had some issues with vista trying to get a Nokia driver to go on it. There is a new driver out now and it is all good. I also had a ffew incompatibility issues with the virus software that came with it. Oh it is an Acer Aspire 5310.

I have an Acer Aspire One mini with XP.

If it was my choice and there was no hurry, I think I would go with XP or wait for 7.

geek_rawill, Oct 26, 5:14 pm

i have an Asus laptop vista home premium purchased a year ago with all service packs installed (they are now) and it's never had ANY issues....

geek_drcspy, Oct 26, 5:29 pm

First I wouldnt buy either a Compaq or an Acer Laptop. HP/Compaq computers seem to have issues at present. Acer are unreliable according to a repair survey.
Stick to Toshiba, Asus, Dell or Sony.
Get Home Premium of you can. You should get an upgrade to Windows 7 if you buy now, but I think its about $40US. Good Old M$ never do what they say they are going to do.

geek_simonfphotos, Oct 26, 5:35 pm

Microsoft have done an excellent marketing job. Windows 7 sounds much better than Vista SP3, doesn't it?

geek_r.g.nixon, Oct 26, 5:47 pm

RG, yes it does sound much better. Its more stable, but whether its much better is something that time will tell.
I didnt think Vista SP3 was out yet??

geek_simonfphotos, Oct 26, 10:32 pm

the big thing with vista is that it's memory hungry, regardless of brand, ensure you purchase a model with 2Gb minimum of RAM - it makes a huge difference to it's general performance, most will only offer 1 Gb so ask them to upgrade it to 2-4gb - it shouldn't cost more than $40-$80 extra to do and will make it so much easier to use.

geek_ropes2, Oct 26, 10:38 pm

Windows 7 = Vista SP2 with quite a few fixups. Hence me calling it (facetiously) Vista SP3!

geek_r.g.nixon, Oct 26, 11:02 pm