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bit, Oct 16, 6:33am
Hi I'm using ubuntu and a usb canon lbp5000. I downloaded a linux driver from canons nz site but it won't work. the lbp 5000 is not in the ubuntu database and I tried choosing the nearest match but printing a test page causes nothing at all to happen. The driver package I downloaded contains a debian folder and a RPM folder. Clicking either of the packages in the rpm folder I get a report saying can't open. From the debian folder this is installed: cndrvcups-common.

bit, Oct 16, 6:36am
Since writing that the printer is now showing up as installed but when I try to print anything nothing happens. It just says processing or that the printer may be disconnected. Maybe it is a usb driver problem but linux IS able to retrieve the printer name from the printer.

cybertao, Oct 16, 6:36am

bit, Oct 16, 6:39am
cndrvcups-capt is also installed.

bit, Oct 16, 6:45am
OK Cyber. I'm wading through that. Should I have stopped cups before installing the driver?

cybertao, Oct 16, 7:04am
I've only messed with cups a couple of times.But pretty sure you can just restart the server with 'invoke.rc cups restart', if needed, after changing it's configuration.

bit, Oct 16, 7:05am
It should work after a reboot though right?

cybertao, Oct 16, 7:18am
Oh yeah, same thing but more extreme as it resets everything.'shutdown -r now' from the command-line does that as well.;-)

bit, Oct 16, 7:21am
How do I log in as root?

bit, Oct 19, 7:30am
In step 5 of the above page I am supposed to replace the script file. So I rename the old file, copy and paste the script provided and save as ccpd.txt (because it forces me to have an extension) then remove the extension. But the OS doesn't recognise it as a script file. How do I get it to recognise it as a script file?

seriouslycgi, Oct 19, 7:47am

oops caps

bit, Oct 19, 7:54am

bit, Oct 19, 8:44am
Holy dang. I just printed something. (test page)

bit, Oct 19, 9:13am
It's not working again now, since rebooting. It may be the script file.

intrade, Oct 19, 9:49am
on debianyou useapt-get or synapticpaket managerand or installerpackets with .deb dont know if thesework 100% on ubuntu i dont like ubuntu i use a fullydebian -lenny- kanotix for canon i just usedkcontrol and set it up oryou canusehttp://localhost:631/ in konquerror

intrade, Oct 19, 9:51am
Common UNIX Printing System 1.3.8 and agrafical webiterfaceto manage printer pops up ...........

dino7, Oct 19, 9:52am
i hate to say this BUT ............ try Windows - less driver issues:P

intrade, Oct 19, 9:58am
http://localhost:631 even works on mac osx
and dino i plug my canon on the usb cable and hit ctrl pand it prints even when the ink is empty unlike winblowswho would sayreplacecartridge.........$$$ when there still is ink....

bit, Oct 20, 8:21am
Dino. I'm keen to get to grips with linux. Everything else about it is working.

bit, Oct 20, 8:24am
I'm trying that but it just says processing. There's something wrong with this ccpd file. How do I delete it?

seriouslycgi, Oct 20, 8:29am
did you reboot or restart cups?

bit, Oct 20, 8:32am
I'll try a 'shutdown -r now'

but I think there is a problem with the ccpd file because when I try to start it, it returns this:

/etc/init.d/ccpd: line 1: ?

bit, Oct 20, 8:47am
When I enter this:
the output looks like it should according to step 9 ofthe link in post three. But when I try this:
captstatusui -P lbp5000
it gives me this: (in a pop-up)
Check the <Printer ***> of /etc/ccpd.conf

0800xford, Oct 20, 8:53am
this thread has warped my fwagile wittle miiind ><.

bit, Oct 20, 8:56am
Computers have that effect on us. Ah but it's good eh? It's pen and paper for now.

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