AMD or Intel: Can you figure this one out?

gravy003, Oct 25, 10:38pm
Hey first of all, If I was to upgrade to a Intel CPU, (Dual core) Would I generate greater heats than I would with a AMD system. I dont plan On upgrading soon. Just my first question. Second question My system Is Athlon x64 4400+ 2.3 GHZ (2 CPU's) Running vista buisness with 512 RAM.What should I upgrade the RAM to? 2GB 4GB or 8GB. (Is supported and I have a 450Watt PSU. Cheers again

0800xford, Oct 25, 10:40pm <== not a vote link #9 is interesting...

flewy, Oct 25, 10:40pm
first if you upgrade to intel you need a whole new motherboard as well. Second how are we sposed to know how much ram you require.

vtecintegra, Oct 25, 10:41pm
There are heap of different Intel Dual Cores available now - the slower ones will run much cooler than your Athlon the faster ones will run hotter.

You may as well get 4GB of RAM as its cheap to do, note a 32bit OS will not be able to address it all.

swivel, Oct 25, 10:44pm
#1. well if it's a dual CPU MB, is the ram ECC or std, I'd go for 8gigs if your going to run 64bit OS, or 4 if 32bit

0800xford, Oct 25, 10:45pm
it's a windup...

jizy1, Oct 25, 11:00pm
Go intel they have better peformance than dum amds. I have a linux i think.

0800xford, Oct 25, 11:00pm
ha ha how OBVIOUS can you get?

babcorp, Oct 25, 11:19pm
#8 You mean you don't know?

0800xford, Oct 25, 11:40pm
oh come on gravy003 / jizy1 / subrs1 you give up that easily?

drcspy, Oct 25, 11:48pm
surely no one would be that stupid.......

0800xford, Oct 26, 12:01am
gravy003 / jizy1 / subrs1 is

mush13, Oct 26, 2:03am
If Gravy has an AM2+ motherboard i would advise sticking with AMD & just doing a chip upgrade. 4GB of RAM should be enough for 32 or 64 bit systems for the moment. 450W power supply should be ok but i notice that some newer video cards & motherboards recommend 400W as a minimum so you will not have much head room. Intel or AMD does it really matter? In gaming not really, a decent CPU + good video card does the job, AMD or Intel you basicly get similar performance from the CPU for the same price point, eg 955 Vs I5 750, both around the $300 mark. Mind you AMD runs outta puff with the 965 as thats their fastest chip at the monent.

0800xford, Oct 25, 10:40pm <== not a vote link #9 is interesting...

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