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billybob57, Oct 27, 6:53am
Started playing up last night , wifi at home kept dropping off. Today when I was out 3G doesnt work , give no internet connection message, also got the "Sad Iphone " message which at first thought was a virus but found out after googling it's when it goes into safe mode, anyway those are the problems anyone got a solution

billybob57, Oct 27, 6:53am
wifi at home seems fine now though

dunedin_ree, Oct 27, 6:55am
Restore it.

billybob57, Oct 27, 7:34am
It's Jailbroken, if I just hit the reset network settings to factory does this screw up the jailbreak?

dunedin_ree, Oct 27, 7:35am
Probably not (just the network settings should be fine....) butI don't know anything about the jailbroken ones, so don't go by what I say.

osymandias, Oct 27, 7:41am
Is your phone unlocked or do you need the jailbreak for an unlock? If not you can restore, if yes you need to use pwnage tool to keep your baseband down.

billybob57, Oct 27, 7:49am
Not too up on Jailbreaking myself , the guy I bought it off reset it and re-jailbroke it, I think it was bought in NZ originally. I'm using it on Vodafone it picks up both networks and comms (whatever that is)though except that new one doesnt show...whats baseband?

suicidemonkey, Oct 27, 8:34am
I've had the same problem with my iPhone for the last week or 2... Not sure what's going on.. I tried restoring it.

If you restore it using iTunes you'll have to re-jailbreak it though.

billybob57, Oct 27, 8:47am
Might hold off doing anything too drastic at this stage, might be a problem at vodafone end with their 3g, how did the restore go with yours monkey ?

billybob57, Oct 27, 8:53am
Did you restore it in the settings menu? Does this keep the jailbreak?

suicidemonkey, Oct 27, 9:06am
Yes. As I said, restoring using iTunes doesn't keep the jailbreak. But it's only a 2 minute job to re-break it.. you just lose the 3rd party apps.

osymandias, Oct 27, 10:48pm
use AptBackup to backup your 3rd party Cydia apps, then use it to restore them. Baseband is the little computer within computer that handles your comms; think of it as your router at home. New firmware on the iPhone sometimes also contains new firmware for the baseband. Now, the hacks that allow you to use factory locked phones on other carriers require an exploit in the baseband - so letting Apple patch your baseband fw usually results in the current unlock being well... locked down. This is not an issue for iPhones bought in NZ; they are factory UNLOCKED and we can use them with whatever sim/network we please, as long as it operates on the correct frequency. However, ifyou have a phone that's originally from an other country, and is locked to a carrier, you need to keep the baseband down.

billybob57, Oct 27, 11:52pm
Cool, does itunes ask if you want 3.0 or 3.1 ,or does it just install the latest firmware

billybob57, Oct 27, 11:55pm
Another question for osymandias , I'm not 100% mine is an NZ phone, what should I do to ensure it doesnt get locked down, I heard installing 3.1 can do that too???

billybob57, Oct 28, 12:04am
Just reread this post, if I use this tool and the phone is an NZ model anyway will it do anything nasty to it LOL,

cybertao, Oct 28, 12:33am
Could be hardware, there is problem with the aerial in some iPhones.

billybob57, Oct 28, 12:42am
occasionaly there is only a dot where the 3G should be but it's done that before, that was before I started using 3G functions, only thing is it doesnt work when the 3G is displayed as well now

billybob57, Oct 28, 2:11am
I managed to contact the guy I bought it off , he said it's an NZ factory unlocked model and to use Pwnage Toolto create a custom IPSW to restore to , just need to google how to, what order I do things in is the next confusion for me

griev, Oct 28, 5:06am
http://www.ihackintosh.com/2009/06/download-os-30-software-update-for-iphone-2g-3g/ is a link that makes it easy pesy just make sure you know what gen ph you have and away you go

billybob57, Oct 28, 8:01am
I restored it through itunes so now has OS 3.1.2 , have to wait for the Jailbreak version to be released DEV team is working on one although the guy said he has sucessfully jailbroken 3.1.2 with pwnage tool, ......ohh and it didnt fix the 3G problem , has a blue dot there which I found out is GPRS as the phone uses the best signal available, beginning to wonder if its a 3G coverage problem

billybob57, Oct 28, 8:02am
Thanks but I was already using 3.0

billybob57, Oct 28, 8:04am
Pisse me off as I had a real nice theme on it, can get it back easily once I can Jailbreak it

billybob57, Oct 28, 8:05am
Or maybe this problem , where do you get iphones repaired ?, 2nd hand so no warranty

billybob57, Oct 28, 8:19am
There is one thing that bugs me with the restore though which could of prevented the problem being fixed doing it....all the settings for email , wifi etc were still there...everthing, I didnt have to set up anything, I though it would have to have setup the whole phone again????

dunedin_ree, Oct 28, 8:22am
iTunes backs everything up.

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