3G in the country but not in the city

possum888, Oct 27, 7:57am
Why is it that in Dunedin I cannot get 3G internet on my Telecom phone but out on the open road in the middle of no-where I can?

profink, Oct 27, 8:07am
What model of cell are you using? And is it only internet access that you can not receive, or are you getting no reception at all in town?

possum888, Oct 27, 8:11am
It's a Samsung A900 and I get full signal in town for texting or calling. It's just that I don't get 3G for internet. I only get EDGE

profink, Oct 27, 8:37am
TNZ do not operate with EDGE, do you mean EV-DO? On the CDMA2000 network EV-DO is the fastest protocol (It isn't true 3G). So I am picking that while out on the road you can get EV-DO, but in town you drop back to 1xRTT?

possum888, Oct 28, 5:14am
Oh yes sorry it is EVDO. No when I was in the country I went onto the internet and it came up with the 3G transmit icon but in the city all it comes up is the "Internet Available" icon according to the manual.

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