What's a good printer for around a Hundy please?

kiwikidd77, Oct 30, 5:52am
Inkjet I guess, colour, but not with a scanner. Got one of those already and its rarely used.

simonfphotos, Oct 30, 5:55am
How much printing do you actually do? Also is it mainly text or photos as well?

0800xford, Oct 30, 5:55am
my epson c59 is slow, loud and very wobbly, it's cheap though and pretty reliable and works with linux

kiwikidd77, Oct 30, 6:17am
Mostly text, and a very few photos since they are so cheap to print at shops.

Its for my niece who can't get into town to get her own so I volunteered to find and buy it for her.

Her daughter in her last year at college has the odd printout to do for school so nothing too fancy there.

Will be attached to her new computer which has Windows 7 Home Premium 64 installed.

kevlight, Oct 30, 6:48am
just got replacement printer/ scanner /copy,Canon Mp240,
its great $76 from harvy norm ,but the ink in it is only to get you started ,you will need more ink carts, and we ended up buying one large colour, and one large black white,and guess how much they came too? more than the printer!!;
not a problem cos my partner can get bulk refill ink from work cheap;even though the sales person went gaaa and mumlbled about the warranty etc etc

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