Where to buy car cigarette to 10v adapter

I cant find one anywhere, DSE only has them for 9v and 12v, but not 10v.Please can someone let me know where I could find one, thanks!

geek_gamerman_64, Nov 1, 3:34 pm

how about a boat shop or repco?

geek_0800xford, Nov 1, 3:37 pm

The device I need it for (speakers) are 10v 500mah, I just need a way to use them in my car.Any help would be appreciated.

geek_gamerman_64, Nov 1, 3:37 pm

a boat shop could be hellishly expensive though

geek_0800xford, Nov 1, 3:38 pm

Thanks for that advice, Ill check it out anyway.It should be cheaper than getting proper speakers installed in my car, because my car is a piece of shit.

geek_gamerman_64, Nov 1, 3:50 pm

Why not just try 9V or 12V?It's extremely unlikely to be critical that the voltage is spot -on.

geek_poohy99, Nov 1, 3:51 pm

You reckon?Ok I might actually give that s shot, thanks!Im just using some computer speakers and an iPod.

geek_gamerman_64, Nov 1, 3:52 pm

Yeah give the 9V a go, long as the amp rateing is around the same.

geek_pjal, Nov 1, 5:29 pm

I would go for 9v too, but there is another way. You would have to check the amperage rating but I have bought little voltage controllers from Jaycar. I forget their proper name. A small chip you mount on a heat sink. I lead is 12v input, the other is earth and the other is the output voltage. the output voltage is set inside the unit soyou buy the one you want to do the job you want. I have a 3 volt and a 9 volt unit doing little voltage changes for a security/backing camera and led display in my campervan.

geek_rawill, Nov 1, 8:57 pm