Have to ask. Nokia E71 vs HTC S523.

I was going to get the HTC Dash but the Nokia has been reduced to the same price. Is anyone here familiar with both of these devices. Why would (should) I prefer one over the other? Please help convince me as to which one I should choose.

geek_badcam, Nov 2, 8:50 pm

I've used the E71 and its really good and only hear good things about it

geek_nakiarnie, Nov 2, 9:16 pm

I had a E71 for about a month and hated it. Apparently it is because I have never had a Nokia before so the menu etc was a nightmare to navigate. Apparently if you are used to a Nokia then you will have no problems. I ended up changing to the Blackberry Bold and found I didn't even have to get the manual out of the box (very user friendly). Sorry, not familar with the HTC Dash but did have an HTC Okta Touch that would still rate up there as one of the better phone's I've had.

geek_pdh, Nov 3, 8:05 pm

Thanks for the comments. I already have an E70, but it's not compatible with Telecom's network. Sniff. I love my current phone, so I should expect the E71 is going to be even better than that.

It's amazing how hard a decision something like this can be when you can't physically try the devices beforehand.

geek_badcam, Nov 3, 8:33 pm

Go the Touch Pro 2!

geek_--rjt--, Nov 3, 9:30 pm

I would go for the HTC.Free Google Map GPS is gold

geek_mone, Nov 3, 9:42 pm

I would go for nokia. E71 would have symbian system compared to windows mobile on the htc. It also depends if you like the keys on e71 as it is not for bigger fingers or hands.

And plus, its stainless steel. You can smack it around more than HTC

geek_deus701, Nov 3, 10:30 pm

I can't help but think the HTC would be more fun, tweakable. It seems very responsive from what I've seen in the videos.

I can't afford the HTC Touch Pro 2. Wish I could.

geek_badcam, Nov 3, 10:31 pm

Have to say up until now I've always hated Windows Mobile, it's a cumbersome clunky garbage like product thats only recommendation was it was no worse than the poor PDA's that suffered under it's original OS. Mine's running Mobile 6.1 and it cranks. Really nice device.

geek_--rjt--, Nov 3, 10:37 pm

It's a sexy beast all right.

geek_badcam, Nov 3, 10:38 pm

What have you got? WM has a real stigma, but so does symbian.

geek_badcam, Nov 3, 10:40 pm

It was around this time last year I was deciding between e71 and nokia n82.

I finally got seduced by N82 5mp camera with xenon flash.

geek_deus701, Nov 3, 10:43 pm

Running a Touchpro 2 now. Was running a combination of a Nokia 6275 & HTC Titan. Titan locked up all the time and required constant reboots, phone wasn't very usable due to lag and small buttons, battery constantly flat. Running 6.1 on the Touchpro 2 is just awesome, have a mate who has the Dash and a few clients, all of them love it. Handles everything beautifully and a reasonable battery life.

geek_--rjt--, Nov 3, 10:44 pm

I want to be able to get emails from around 8 accounts, preferably push email via Google Sync. I'd like to be able to surf the TMMB and use the phone as (very rarely) a modem for a laptop (tethering?). I want to be able to VNC into a linux server. I text a fair bit as well, so the keyboard is important.

Of course I want good reception and a loud speakerphone would be handy.

Does the GPS in the HTC also Tag photos?

geek_badcam, Nov 3, 10:49 pm

HTC isn't too bad. I would get one..just not the one telecom is offering. It doesn't offer much features for that price.

geek_deus701, Nov 3, 10:49 pm

the new one HTC HD2 would have geotagging.

geek_deus701, Nov 3, 10:50 pm

It was a reasonably easy decision (getting the HTC S523) until they dropped the price on the E71.

geek_badcam, Nov 3, 10:51 pm

Not running Google Sync and haven't played with the GPS yet. The keyboard is stunning, has well spaced keys, numeric at the top and clean lighting. Speakerphone is auto activated by placing face down and runs beautifully. Modem works well and surfing on it is a completely different experience. I played with a lot of devices before deciding on it. Biggest decision was based around wanting a good keyboard and system that didn't lock up. So far have not had to reset it once after 5 days hammering it.

geek_--rjt--, Nov 3, 10:53 pm

rjt, where did you get ur htc from? parallel imported?

geek_deus701, Nov 3, 10:55 pm

The Touch Pro looks amazing, but it's beyond my budget right now. Please ignore the sobbing and wailing.

geek_badcam, Nov 3, 10:57 pm

I was on the fence between getting an E71 or a Bold, took the E71 and haven't looked back. It's thinner, better build quality IMO, better interface (am a Nokia fan mind you), no annoying track ball and the list goes on.

Out of the HTC and the E71 it would be tough but I would still pick the E71. The QWERTY keyboard does look small (and i had my concerns) but I have fairly fat thumbs and can still knock out an e-mail or SMS lightning fast on it. The HTC would be fun, but I think the E71 is a better every day smart phone.

And with a sweet new price drop too!

geek_profink, Nov 3, 11:01 pm

I got it from a Telecom store. Because I use my phone so much it was provided free on a two year contract. Main reason for going to it was that the XT network represented significantly lower costs for my calling and better data facilities.

geek_--rjt--, Nov 3, 11:06 pm

you got Touchpro 2 free on a 2yr plan? That sounds like a good deal.

Hows the pic quality like?

geek_deus701, Nov 3, 11:12 pm

Astounding. The screen is SO clear and even diehard Apple fans have been muttering that they prefer it to the iPhone.I spend over $500 every month on mobile normally so they look after me exceptionally well. Hate to say it but I never got the support from Vodafone.

After you get used to the slidy things onscreen it become a real pleasure to use, emails type quickly and easily, remote controlling a server has never been smoother. OK it's heavy and large for a phone, but prior to owning it and after trialling numerous devices it's the only one I've found that works well as both a phone and a data device.

Due to the prompt after each phone call if you want to save the number the contacts are growing at an alarming rate because it's just so easy to add detail.

geek_--rjt--, Nov 3, 11:16 pm

The way you put it, it sounds like a great phone. I have only played around with the cheaper HTC touch viva..didn't really tickle my fancy.

More importantly, when are you listing your htc for $1 reserve?

geek_deus701, Nov 3, 11:24 pm

I loathed the Okta Touch on sight, using it for a wee while didn't change my mind, the Okta Boss was nice but the finish was average and it locked up ALL the time, often within calls. The Titan was fine until it started processing email. Funnily enough I have a brand new one in box as well as the one I used for the last year. Am actually thinking of listing the new one. All I've used out of the new one is the charger and batteries.

More than welcome to pop in and have a look at the respective phones at some point if you want to see the difference.

geek_--rjt--, Nov 3, 11:29 pm

Im looking for a spare phone to try out the 2degrees network. Do you know the corresponding HTC models for your oktas?

geek_deus701, Nov 3, 11:36 pm

Okta Touch (Telecom Branded) = HTC Touch (only loaned one)
Okta Boss (Telecom Branded) = HTC Boss (returned it)
HTC Titan was the predecessor to the Touchpro 2, I loved it barring it's quirks until touching the Touchpro 2. On saying that everything I read indicated upgrading the Titan to WM 6.1 fixes most of the problems experienced.

geek_--rjt--, Nov 3, 11:44 pm

rjt, i may be interested in your htc titan (which ones do you bear to part with?) if it works on voda or 2 degree network.

geek_deus701, Nov 4, 12:15 am

Hmmm. I need to keep one of them, probably would work out what each one is worth to me then the decision (if either) is up to you. Be easier if you could see them actually and work out which interested you. The one I use has a fair amount of wear but works fine. The other is new.

geek_--rjt--, Nov 4, 12:21 am

Hmm.. im after a unit with decent spec/functions. Maybe I should ask.. which one gives you the least amount of headaches?

geek_deus701, Nov 4, 1:19 am

The Titans are identical. One has never even been powered on as is new in box. The other I've used for a year so has all the wear and tear of a well used device. The used one would be about half the price of the new one, somewhere around $140/$280.

geek_--rjt--, Nov 4, 1:22 am

does it work on gsm networks? any wifi? i only found this page on titan


geek_deus701, Nov 4, 1:41 am

Best info seems at:


It's running Windows Mobile 5.0 at present. I don't believe it supports GSM, only CDMA.

geek_--rjt--, Nov 4, 1:56 am

The Full Specs of the HTC Currently $699 2MP Music Media Player Photo Messaging, Video Messaging, Internet, Email, Comes in Brown :(, Caller Tunes, Talk Time 5 hours Standy Time 20 and theres more lol,

In my opinion I would go for the Nokia E71 :)

geek_tweety45, Nov 4, 8:58 am