New Ink and nothing printing.....!!!!

deez12, Oct 11, 10:55pm
Thanks guys.Have purchased NEW Vivera colour ink.Now just got to purchase some Vivera BLACK ink.Hopefully it works ok.Can I put in the colour ink without the black ink cartridge in the printer?Will it still work?Or do I have to put in the colour AND black cartridge?

pyro_sniper2002, Oct 11, 11:10pm
Usually they wont work unless all cartrages are in place.

deez12, Oct 13, 3:07am
Hey ok thanks for that.Will rush out and get some new ink.Hope it works.

deez12, Nov 4, 4:30am
Ok finally got some new ink (VIVERA) brand and it's all go again.I think it was just the cheap ink I purchased before.It dried up fast.Do I now have to use the printer heaps to prevent it drying up?Or now that I have good HP ink, will I be able to use it now and then.Only ever print for kids projects.

deez12, Sep 23, 4:57am
I'm losing it....why is nothing printing on my HP printer (2 years old) when there is new ink put in???

freedreamz, Sep 23, 5:01am
have you cleaned the printer?, not being smart but in the options the printer can do a house clean, or print test page to see if it will print that but not what you want it to print

badcam, Sep 23, 5:18am
Did you remove the plastic film that often covers the ink hole?

deodar, Sep 23, 6:15am
LOL,I've forgotten to do that badcam Then Picked off the print head film
oops,got a bit carried away removing plastic.

badcam, Sep 23, 6:17am
I think it happens to us all.

mojo49, Sep 23, 6:24am
My Epson pierces the film over the ink outlet and I found if I pulled the plastic bit off, the cartridges tend to seep ink out a round the seal on the print head, so I leave them on now and no problems.

deez12, Sep 24, 4:06am
Hi Guys Yes I have done all of thee above.It can't be stuffed.I bought it brand new 2.5 years ago.Warranty JUST run out!Surprise, surprise!I left it over night and this morning was able to print off 3 B & W items then the 4th one came out faint.Just printed basic stuff from word.I don't get it.HELP!

newbie5, Sep 24, 4:28am
#1... run the clean again but just remember you will use up ink for the clean

deez12, Sep 28, 3:31am
Thanks but... still nothing printing.Ggrrr...even on the test page nothing is

richard112, Sep 28, 3:55am
Once had a similar problem with an epson. Using el cheapo refilled cartridges. Worked fine until I didn't use it for a couple of months. Never worked again. Seems the ink had dried in its internals.

deez12, Sep 29, 3:07am
OH ok Richard.... Will go and buy another lot of ink and see how I get on?I tell the kids not to print off things (as so expensive) so maybe will let them use printer more often?We only print things off once a week.Maybe thats the problem?Will try new lot of ink.

bmwiliams, Sep 29, 3:10am
... If you can be stuffed, bull the casing off and look at the plasic tubing that carries the ink about. See if they are blocked up?

drcspy, Sep 29, 3:41am
how long since it ran out or ran very low on ink ? could be the print head has dried in in it......

richard112, Sep 29, 10:43am
At 10 Didn't mean to give the impression that this condition was retrievable by changing ink. Fixed mine by buying a new printer, which now is only allowed the manufacturer's ink. Also run a mono colour laser printer. Much cheaper to run, & it's surprising how little you really need colour.

deez12, Sep 30, 6:45am
Thanks all.... I'm going to replace both inks again and see if that helps.Otherwise throwing printer in the bin.It's only new so hopefully it's just the ink dried up, OR wondering if I need to buy VIVERA Hp ink and not just HP ink.If that makes sense.There seems to be a difference.I just bought some ink off trade me (cheap as) which was HP 98 ink but I see (now) on the printer the sticker says Vivera HP wonder if that makes a difference?

mojo49, Sep 30, 6:50am
I have bought cheaper inks off TM, but always ask if they are suitable for the printer I will be using them in b4 I buy. So far no problems except with one batch in my Epson Photo Stylus. The ink smelled quite strong and the smell lingered compared to other stuff I had used, and did no work well. All went okay when I tried another type which does not have the strong smell.Good luck with the change over process and lets hope the printer is still okay.

deodar, Sep 30, 6:58am
Print getting faded can mean the cartridge is not up against the head,a wriggl
& jiggle sometimes helps.Like you
reinstall cartridge.

gbbrot, Sep 30, 8:10am
Should be OK.. HP printers change the head with the cartridge. Prob just bad/old cartridge. Otherwise, you might try cleaning the contacts on the head (and printer).

richms, Oct 1, 4:57am
#18... Not all HPs have integrated heads, the newer photo ones have 6 discreet cartridges that feed to a head like most other printers have.

Air in the lines will make the heads burn out often as they need the ink to stay cool.

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