Laser printer under linux

smac, Nov 3, 10:45pm
I'm looking for a printer and have decided I can do without a colour so for on-going running costs I'm looking at just a black laser. How far down the food chain can I go and still get support under Linux, anyone know? Been doing a bunch of reading on manufacturers sites but it only seems to be the pricey ones with support. I was all keen on a network one but that seems to be even more dosh....

pyro_sniper2002, Nov 3, 10:48pm
I would have though Linux had an HP 5/6 driver that can be used with most printers.

badcam, Nov 3, 10:52pm
I've have great sucesss with Brother Lasers (they have linux drivers), even via network print servers,but can't comment about other brands.

smac, Nov 4, 12:07am
Brother certainly seem to be priced better than what I've been looking at. Linux and network models both seem to be cheaper. Thanks

little_egypt, Nov 4, 1:07am
Every laser printer I've ever run into has been plug-and-go with Ubuntu. Support seems to be a lot better for lasers than inkjets.

smac, Nov 4, 1:10am
Sounds good. I'm eyeing up the Brother HL2150N....then I can just stash it in the cupboard with the router. Coool.

innused, Nov 4, 1:21am
Have an HP Laserjet 4100 here.It works fine.Rockets along on network connection.(but must have right driver).

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