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mrfxit, Oct 13, 8:15pm
Don't know what it is but must be missing something real simple. .. .. . .
Internet access drops randomly several times a day which in it's self is annoying but no biggy.
What is frustrating is that when it drops, it also kills internet access to my computer resulting in having to do a computer reboot.
Been using onboard network till recently AND tried a brand new network card.
Run an LSP fix to repair the tcp/ip stacks
Spinrite scan
Installed AV scan & onluine av scans
Uninstall/ reinstall network card files
Ip release & renew
Swapped the 504g adsl Dlink for a Linksys adsl2+ modem
Factory settings & custom settings on the modems
Changed my network cable
Changed the phone cable & ph socket to the modem
= same result

Kicks MY computer off the network & BB BUT the connection statis will still say it's connected

It's only effecting MY computer as the other 4 computers reconnect fine.

Had this going on for a few weeks now & just can't seem to get to the bottom of it

swivel, Oct 13, 8:18pm
Hasn't got a Manual DNS set in it (Malware does that some times).

drcspy, Oct 13, 8:20pm
obvious dave I know but network card powersettings off ?Oh and haven't had that pc or any part of it in the tardis haev you ?

drcspy, Oct 13, 8:21pm
also "Run an LSP fix to repair the tcp/ip stacks"..........that include winsock repair ?

0800xford, Oct 13, 8:23pm
turn off x device when inactive/to save power?

mrfxit, Oct 13, 8:24pm
Duh, oh yea
Xp pro / sp3 / no gaming done on this comp /dx 2007 (9c) etc

Short of a full format & reinstall, I currently don't know what else to try.
Both BB modems are 4 port units
Only the Linksys has wireless onboard & run an AP when using the D-link
Cables have been swapped around a lot.
Resident linux geek thats done cisco is lost (suspect more a case of can't be bothered)


NO such thing as a full on linux nerd/geek with good PR skills or without a "holier then thou" attitude
but hope to be proven wrong. . .. . ..

mrfxit, Oct 13, 8:26pm
Yep checked on both & disabled

Yea Perry that crap repair as well (winsock /tcp/ip whatever crud repair tool.
Got me lost & thats not often

mrfxit, Oct 13, 8:29pm
Tried static IP's on all the computers in this network but that only "seemed" to work for a day or 2 but made NO difference to mine.
Dropped all back to dhcp now & no difference.

All network settings are on default auto obtain & dhcp

drcspy, Oct 13, 8:32pm
sfc /scannow ? install (only takes 40min or so) long ago did you install the sp3? cause I had issues recently with an older sp3 servicepack release which because I had it system would NOT install IE8 etc.....

mrfxit, Oct 13, 8:38pm
Perry, Tardis is currentlyparked up so not my problem.
(not like anybody else around here would know how to drive it)

Sp3 been on about 1 year ish
Whole install coming up to about that age-ish
Will buzz the sfc /scannow through later today but trying to avoid any of MS's fix's (nasty habit of screwing the systems aye)
Ie7 & FF3.5

mrfxit, Oct 14, 12:41am
Nope sfc/scannow did nothing.

Now locking me out with the D-link back in place.

helpless, Oct 14, 1:22am
I'd change all the boxes DNS settings (including Router) over so they use the OpenDNS servers,,Might be a problem with something there.

mrfxit, Oct 14, 2:23am
Only ONE computer effected out of 5 connected via the same switchs & router.
Running a mix of win 7 /winXp /Vista/ Ubuntu (3 with xp only)

cybertao, Oct 14, 2:42am
When the connection drops, what happens when you unplug and then reconnect the network cable?

drcspy, Oct 14, 3:15am
dave how is this pc plugged into the router ?if' it's kinda remote what happens if you plug a different pc into that connectin ?

mrfxit, Oct 14, 3:24am
Craig,... nothing to fix it .. altho the windows port agent notices it being removed & plugged back in.
Perry,....Direct to the router & swapped ports plus cables.
Done the ip release/renew
logoff back on/
Only a shutdown/restart gets me back on.

Got part of the problem just now,
TC (nz) BB helpdesk reported 27 disconnections today (12am to 4pm) & a loading problem on the ph line (the more devices connected the less speed & more noise) BUT that doesn't explain why I get locked out & the other computers are ok.

cybertao, Oct 14, 3:34am
If the problem is solved by resetting the computer, but isn't by resetting the router, then it must be something to do with your computer.Try running a linux livecd in it for a while to see if it's something to do with Windows.
You never know, you might like it enough to finally ditch Windows and make the move.Go on, you know you want to.

mrfxit, Oct 14, 3:42am
LOL Graig

I KNOW.... it's not the router ITSELF. ... mearly the fact that the BB disconnections are triggering something in the windows networking system to block internet access & yet.... leave the windows port agent (task bar notifacation balloon) thinking it's still connected.
This install is like an old pair of shoes you LOVE,....stinks a bit but feels comfy & gets me where I want to go.

cybertao, Oct 14, 3:53am
Linux is like a pair of ugg boots. B-)

...join us...become one of us...we are *nix...

thunderstorm, Oct 14, 5:47am
when it "goes down" can you ping an IP? Like TM's one
Or can you access or see any other PC on your network?

cybertao, Oct 14, 6:17am of us...

r.g.nixon, Oct 14, 8:08am
Running a 3rd party firewall? Uninstall it to see what happens.

drcspy, Oct 14, 9:15am
the live cd idea is good it eliminates windoze and will pinpoint whether it's hardware or windoze at fault........

cybertao, Oct 14, 9:17am of us!!!

mrfxit, Oct 14, 9:43am
It's definantly a windows thing, in this case but only because it's what I am running on this computer.

Thunderstorm: Can't ping anything & can't even get access to the router admin

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