Internet access problems (Surely a simple cure) Page 2

LMAO Cybertoa d
Ohhh if only it was THAT simple.
As far as the connection probs go, it effects the entire network ALL at the same time suggesting it's an adsl connection prob. . .. .. ..Problem is "WHERE"

Seem to have stopped my personal computer from locking it's network when the adsl fault locks the router, by setting a static IP.
All the other computers are still on dhcp including the linux box's.. . . . . . .. . .

geek_mrfxit, Nov 4, 6:49 pm

I REALLY think you should invest in a faraday cage for your computer room dave !

geek_drcspy, Nov 4, 7:43 pm

LOL Perry, yea & a padlock to keep the missus in there

geek_mrfxit, Nov 4, 8:43 pm

Tech's been, Raining real good around here (bloody typical)
Lots of wet joints, couple of grumbles about the last techs workmanship & got him to redo the carshed ph connections.
Spose only time will tell if it all holds together now & presuming it does, then I won't have to worry about disconnections locking my own computers network, LOL .... aye...... (deal to that at the next install due about...... .. some .. .. day .. .. .not to soon. . .. . .. ..I hope?)
It's like your FAV pair of shoes, ugly but comfy). .. . .. .. . ... .
(Same can be said for good mates)

geek_mrfxit, Nov 4, 8:49 pm