dnbaker, Nov 5, 7:30am
Is this the best software to purchase for making a reasonably simple website? Which version should I get and do you need fast internet for uploading the webpages to the internet?

osymandias, Nov 5, 7:52am
it's rather old...

dnbaker, Nov 5, 7:55am
So which is good and affordable?

vtecintegra, Nov 5, 10:34am
You probably don't need any software at all - a CMS or Blog works for most things

jeremy_74, Nov 5, 10:49am
'Nvu' used to be good for basic web developing. It has been superseded by 'BlueGriffon' apparently.
Both are free downloads.

dnbaker, Nov 5, 11:05am
I want to make a proper professional website, dreamweaver cs4 is around $700-800 on here, is it a worthwhile investment?

vtecintegra, Nov 5, 11:08am
It takes much more than just a software package to make a professional looking website.

TBH you're probably best getting a proper designer to do it

dnbaker, Nov 5, 11:12am
What sort of cost am I look at for that? I am wanting to do it on a budget and just want to know if the software is worth the investment.

vtecintegra, Nov 5, 11:13am
Depends on how competent a designer you consider yourself I guess.

mrfxit, Nov 5, 8:29pm
Dreamweaver is pretty good for small & average spec'd websites.
Thyeres a lot flasher websites around but you need to be able to do pure coding with several languages.
Dreamweaver has several modes where you can do pure code/split screen of code & drag & drop / pure drag & drop.
Lots & lots of tuterials around & even the earlier versions will do a good job of a website IF you put some real effort in to it.
Adobe also supply FREE full featured trails of their software including the CS4 dreamweaver suite

mrfxit, Nov 5, 8:30pm
DING .. .. .. ..

mrfxit, Nov 5, 8:32pm
Pi$$ off
Not everybody can run or wants bleeding edge software & cs4 is NOT OLD

sighthound1, Nov 5, 11:44pm
Also remember that just making a pretty site is not even half of what creating a professional web site is about. You have to know about security, SEO (Search engine optimisation), cross browser compatibility and a lot of other things in order to have a secure, functional and professional web site. The actual layout is only a small part.

r.g.nixon, Nov 6, 12:19am
BlueGriffon appears to be dead.
KompoZer is still being actively developed. Go for that one.

hdmovies, Nov 6, 12:38am
1. Download the demo of dreamweaver, and learn how to use it before committing to buy.

2. No, you don't need a fast internet connection to upload a website.

Your skill level sounds limited, so I'd go with the others and recomend using a professional.

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