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denimiji, Nov 3, 10:28am
My son got a Diploma in Computer Network Engineering last year, couldn't find work in six months and went back to school and is doing a Bachelor in Computing and IT degree at polytech. He has had no work experience, is 20years old, but is now thinking of developing something so he could end up with a small business some day. Any suggestions on what he can do?

0800xford, Nov 3, 10:31am
"it" is an extremely broad term, maybe find some aspect of it he hasa natural aptitude for or interest in then develop that.

--rjt--, Nov 3, 10:35am
So is he social and interested in working within larger or smaller groups of people, does he enjoy meeting and dealing with different people each day or prefer to work either alone or in a team? A lot of these natural charactoristics define whether or not the nature of the work that he'd enjoy.

Most importantly as 0800 says above, where are his skillsets and interests?

denimiji, Nov 4, 3:46am
Thanks, guys. Any other ideas, please?

simp1060, Nov 4, 3:54am
haha many IT grads driving cabs and cleaning offices . . .

matthew_129, Nov 4, 5:34am
I had a bit of a struggle getting into the industry myself after completeing MCSA and CCNA...

All the advertiesed jobs for "JUNIORS" wanted someone with 3-5 years experience (who on earth is still a junior after that amount of time i dont know)

I ended up calling a few small IT companies and asked if I could sit in on a rollout/upgrade project, help with small things/get the coffees in return for a reference.

At the end of the project not only did I get the reference from them, they turned around and offered me a job.

Getting references from someone in the industry can be as valuable as the experience, also helps if youve got a shitty old trademe $100 server in the closet at home to play around on, build some skills on it and if you break it, atleast it wasnt one in a production enviroment.

Honestly what have you got to loose, making a few calls and working for someone for free for a week... will cost a bit of fuel and maybe lunch (the guys I did mine with were nice enough to shout lunch every day)

My 2c worth

denimiji, Nov 4, 9:05am
Your 2c worth makes a lot of sense. When he was doing his diploma he got a job for one day helping install a system at a business and got paid for it. And that was it, and with the recession he couldn't even look in the door. But your idea makes a lot of sense. Otherwise, how else can you get experience? Thanks again, you guys. .

julzd2, Nov 4, 12:10pm
Getting a partime help desk job or break-fix while studying would also be benificial.

ferita, Nov 4, 4:59pm
Move somewhere with less competition. Country towns are good

denimiji, Nov 5, 4:40am
Thanks, guys, lots of good idea here. I guess the thing is never to give up and end up driving a cab.

clip1, Nov 5, 4:51am
I just got an ipod touch device and have been downloading a couple of apps for it. In my opinion it is a remarkable device, and the apps extend it so much further. Perhaps your son could take a look at developing apps for the iphone, or ipod touch as a sideline venture.

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