Microsft Office 200 SR-1 Premium *For Free*

r.g.nixon, Oct 30, 10:36pm
200? I'm guessing 2000 or 2003.

skin1235, Oct 30, 10:36pm
have you tried revo uninstaller, and also check this link http://coolthingoftheday.blogspot.com/2009/02/dont-orca-it-insted-it-msi-editing-made.htmlthe ref to network error in your message maybe a clue, you may just need to change a drive ref in the msi file, but msi files can be a tricky playground, all else fails I can send you a copy of off2000 snailmail though so it won't arrive tomorrow

0800xford, Oct 31, 3:57am
you can repair/remove/reinstall MSI from memory, i looked it up for someone the other day

skin1235, Oct 31, 5:10am
as 0800 says, check here, there maybe a glimmer of hope it it, http://www.allpostnews.co.uk/i19/Detect%20and%20repair%20setup%20failed%20office%202003.php, something about deregister all the office files which would then mean a simple select and delete would suffice, revo will also clean those registry files - if it can work without the msi file to begin with ( not sure on that - revo is blardy good though)http://www.revouninstaller.com/

skin1235, Nov 2, 5:20am
how did you get on ctnz

--rjt--, Nov 2, 9:50am
There's actually a means of using a Windows Installer tool that is commonly used for programs that don't uninstall properly: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290301

--rjt--, Nov 2, 7:42pm
Let me know if you get stuck, I do have several flavours of the media for that product if it's for uninstall purposes only.

0800xford, Nov 5, 2:50am
format c? ha ha

0800xford, Nov 5, 2:59am
nice one, we'll make a debian user out of you yet!

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