Colour Laser Printer recommendations

karen_gr, Nov 6, 7:18am
Hi, sorry not sure if I'm in the right place or not, but considering buying and colour laser printer. What brand can you recommend and why? I think I'm leaning toward a canon or HP. TIA

r.g.nixon, Nov 6, 7:29am
Stand closer. Then you won't have to lean!

nzmu, Nov 6, 8:13am
Brother - the new HL3040CN seems reasonable for home use. Brother has the drums and toners separate, so future toner purchases are fairly reasonable. Canon, unless they have changed recently, have the drum and toner as one unit, so although their printers should survive longer, the toner unit can be more expensive.

smac, Nov 6, 8:28am
Not a recommendation, just food for thought: I've finally given up on colour printing at home. I figured most of my printing is either for work (text) or maps and other website info where colour doesn't matter. Got sick of paying through the nose for colour cartridges and the damn printers never last for more than a couple years anyway, but colour laser still seems a bit two steep for me (wanted networkable). For colour we pay the few cents it takes to get them done at a shop, or bludge off work. Just bought the Brother 2150 (black laser) and it seems perfect. Network printer so it's off the desk and away in a cupboard.

ferita, Nov 6, 8:29am
Brother are good.
I have a fuji xerox and basically an expensive paperweight (its very heavy too).

I have a couple of brothers and brothers are very good for the price.

karen_gr, Nov 6, 8:47am
Thanks for the comments. I bought an HP 4500 about 8 years ago and it was great but we paid $7K for it. I was looking at a canon which is about $800. Considerably cheaper than my first attempt. Shame the consumables are so expensive. I don't know much about Brothers.

r.g.nixon, Nov 6, 8:50am
Which Fuji-Xerox, the DocuPrint C525A?
Ours (at work) is great, a few years old now, probably not available new.

sapper1, Nov 6, 10:08am
Agree with nzmu. I have had Brother Lasers for years and never had a problem. My black toner I get 2000 copies to the cartridge, (dont know what the colour does,and I change the Drum at 15,000 copies. The Drum is expensive but not as expensive as the Canon combined unit.

missyone, Nov 6, 11:56am
I would stand by hp.I am using an old hp 2100tn (12ish years old). Also have a mono and colour at work and they are perfect.We had a brother and it was an absolute crapper.

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