Best quality printer at the best price

mandy1968, Nov 5, 11:03pm
any recommendations? Is for use with a laptop and would also like to print good quality photos

dveditor, Nov 5, 11:07pm
whats your budget and how often are you going to print photo's? has some good prices and photo's are good print too.

mcceltic, Nov 5, 11:08pm
Probably the best deal, would be to go to somewhere like Harvey Normans to get pics done if not printing a lot.
Otherwise buy a Canon :)

r.g.nixon, Nov 6, 12:23am
Printing 'good' photos at home is never cost or time effective.

lostdude, Nov 6, 12:28am
Cost yes, time is arguable.

mandy1968, Nov 6, 1:04am
Thanks!so Canon printer but best to have photos printed at Harvey norman /HotFrog etc it. Cheerz and have a great weekend !

rainrain1, Nov 6, 6:04am
Printing your own photos is very expensive...but the quality is excellent..

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