I have Firefox Adblock.... but now macromedia!

Hope it hasn't been asked before.Adblock is great no ads on TM but now there's macromedia and I want it gone.Anyone out there know of anything?

geek_majsp, Nov 9, 8:16 pm

Any particular sites? Or all site that have flash?

geek_badcam, Nov 9, 8:18 pm

flashblock perhaps...?
macromedia is old, it's now adobe's

geek_0800xford, Nov 9, 8:18 pm

Probably Flash Block addon would be good. Personally I use NoScript as this is a very good security feature as well. It only allows scripts to run that you allow.

geek_badcam, Nov 9, 8:21 pm

Just here... TM.Macromedia Flash Player 8 plays with endless playing ads.Have had a Google and there is a blocker but not on the Mozilla site.That's what makes me cautious about downloading.

geek_majsp, Nov 9, 8:23 pm

i use noscript too
adblock plus also blocks flash ads

geek_0800xford, Nov 9, 8:24 pm

Well that was damn easy.Knowing someone else using them makes all the difference.Thanks everyone!

geek_majsp, Nov 9, 8:27 pm

success, DIP woo hoo

geek_0800xford, Nov 9, 8:29 pm

Before yo go. Have you actually set up your Adblock Plus filters for TM properly?


NoScript can be very annoying at the beginning, but bear with it. You need to familiarise youself with how it works. nce you visit a site, you generally click on the NS icon in the bottom right of your taskbar and choose to "Allow" the site. You'll find that sites often have links to others of which many of them are tracking sites and therefore they get "Blocked" quick pronto. Once you've allowed a site you won't get a warning for that site again, it will be remembered for your next visit, just as Blocked sites will be remembered.

I also change the options as follows:

Under the NS Options there's a Notifications tab. I take the tick out of "show message about blocked scripts" as you can see if NS is blocking something anyway on the bottom taskbar. Initially, you might wish to leave the tick in, change the "hide after" to 1 second and take the tick out of "place message at the bottom". Don't change ANYTHING else.

geek_badcam, Nov 9, 8:48 pm