Printer Inks - may i ask advice please...

hazey, Nov 8, 9:07pm
I need HP92/93 and was wondering if others use the cheaper brands successfully and what you might recommend as good value. tia

gyrogearloose, Nov 8, 9:33pm
I use a completely different brand of printer, and my advice is to buy a kit at the mall, that has syringes and bottles of ink. Usually the colour ink kit is separate to the black ink kit. Then, begin to top up the genuine cartridges as soon as the first low ink warning appears - never let the cartridge run dry because the channels through the foam will dry up and never flow freely again.

bryshaw, Nov 8, 10:37pm
Good advice. What the printer companies charge for their consumables is nothing short of scandalous, and they get away with it because no one, including Consumer magazine, has ever questioned them about it. Cartridge $50, cost of ink 10c.

comfreak91, Nov 9, 12:45am
I could suggest changing over to something like Brother etc, and buy cartridges off here (Trader called nzdist). Dont think he sells HP ink, but has been excellent service and great quality cartridges

matthew_129, Nov 9, 1:23am
honestly I would only ever buy genuine manufacturer provided cartridges. I have seen many printers wrecked from non genuine cartridges and refills

comfreak91, Nov 9, 1:55am
with the price of genuine ink cartridges i wouldnt even bother, have had no problems with nzdist's cartridges and been using them heaps and for a long time

drcspy, Nov 9, 2:24am
you'd be pretty damn stupid then considering you can often buy a new printer INCLUDING ink for less than the cost of replacement genuine carts..........

I NEVER buy genuine and i"ve NEVER had issues with printers not liking the 'other stuff' either....

lilyfield, Nov 9, 2:38am
I have only ever used refills- over 6 years-- no problem on the little HP 3 in one al cheapo printer.

jeremy_74, Nov 9, 2:40am
True you can buy a new printer with cartridges but they dont normally have a lot of ink in them lol. Starter cartridges I think they call them.

I reckon it comes down to the printhead as that's pretty much all that will get damaged unless you have a major leak lol.
If you have cartridges then the printhead is built into them, so even if refill ink does damage them then all you need to do is buy another cartridge.
If you have ink tanks then the printhead is built into the printer and you might as well chuck the printer if the printhead burns out.

drcspy, Nov 9, 2:45am
I bought a brother dcp165c when my older canon finally died........the printer cost me $79 I did shop around a little.Anyway when installing it and setting it up I was perusing the blurb sheet and it claimed that instead of 'starter' carts with LESS than the normal amount of ink theirs had MORE due to the fact that they recognise the printer will use a bit 'setting up' for the first time !I was impressed with that

When my first cart was running out I googled how to refil it - took me 10 mins to refill the first time now it's about 2 mins per cart - or less........ridiculously simple and EXTREMELY cheap.(20 refills for about $12 TOTAL) what could ever make me buy NEW ink ?..............NOTHING

jeremy_74, Nov 9, 2:49am
Hey thats good of them, brother aye.
Does that model have tanks or cartridges? I remember seeing this guy selling refill's for an Epson printer that had tanks bigger than the printer lol. You strap them the side of the printer somehow.

drcspy, Nov 9, 2:52am
yeh those are CISS system - can be troublsome to setup and I personally wouln'dt bother.....they feed ink into the carts..........
but you can buy just the ink and it comes in 100ml bottles - this will fill my brother carts 20 times and a bottle is $12

I got lucky and got given two complete sets of colour bottles for a CISS system that a client had given up trying to install......they're for an epson printer but I use em in the brother and including the refill ink I already had I now have about 250 ml of each colour.........that's 50 refills.......probably last me the life of the I dont use it a lot

jeremy_74, Nov 9, 2:57am
Yeah thats the one, they have plastic tubes feeding into dummy ink tanks.
Hahaha good score :D

I scored a Lexmark networking laser printer off here a couple of years ago for $30. Just needed a toner cartridge that cost about $100 and it's still going on that toner lol.

miriam9, Nov 9, 4:58am
Man good advice on getting cheap ink drcspy, much cheaper than those inktec kits. My sister in law gets 7 or 8 refills on her cartridges and reckons her secret is to top them up when at about 50%. My advice is to find and old commercial laser printer. Laserjet 4+ is the pick of the bunch as they are built solid and have the cheapest cartridges. I was given a Kyocera FS1000 and I am still on the original cartridge four years later!

miriam9, Nov 9, 5:00am
Good comments. Best to buy a printer with the print head on the cartridge, but steer clear of Lexmard because they are diabolical

pyro_sniper2002, Nov 9, 5:03am
Haha CISS systems, we had a faulty Epson in at work with one of these, the thing had littlery drained the external tanks and the surge tanks into the waste ink pads on the printer, would be around 200ml of ink or so, I wasn't working on it, hence I laughed my ass off at the poor sucker that is.

hazey, Nov 9, 5:17am
thanks all for comments etc...i think i will give the refills a go.

...expect thread btl - help i've released syringe of black ink into colour cart!

nzmu, Nov 9, 6:01am
Cheap printer and not worried about possible problems - sure go for cheap ink. I have an HP more for scrapbook photos (I can print whatever size shape required), and also print on discs. For these reasons, I will only use the brand ink however expensive as I want them to last and do not want to risk my discs deteriorating due to poor quality ink.

ro42, Nov 9, 6:15am
Yup, just what I thought. So I googled it, and found that the refill ink particulates were too big for my particular printer. So I bought generic DSE cartridges at less than half the cost of the genuine article, with DSE assurance they would be fine. They weren't, heads were stuffed, and DSE gave me a new printer. .

Can you refill laser cartridges?

miriam9, Nov 9, 6:25am
Can you refill laser cartridges?[/quote]

Yes, but certainly not in the same category as inkjets and probably beyond your average home handyman. Like ink there is also plenty of variety of quality amongst toners and you risk your drum if you get it wrong. Except for my Kyocera which doesn't have a drum:)

miriam9, Nov 9, 6:30am
I disagree. I owned a Franchise selling refills and while I can't recommend the brand because the guy behind it is basically a criminal, the quality of the ink was better than HP. I happened to be trying to resolve a problem for a client one day and had a copy of the same photo done in HP in versus my refill. Refill definitely had deeper richer colours.

What it comes down to is a reputable refill supplier should warranty your machine when using their cartridges. Make sure your supplier is a member of ACRA. Would probably pay to make sure they are also a member of FRANZ.

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