Private torrents invite please

wickywa, Nov 4, 6:53pm
no you wont :-)

lugee, Nov 4, 7:36pm
I could, but I won't.

cybertao, Nov 12, 11:56pm
Would you like an invite to nzfact?

baker-assoc, Nov 13, 1:05am
Hmm I could give you a scc or sct invite but NAH, Go find a demonoid invite,

sighkick, Nov 13, 2:41am
You could simply try (This is software, be careful) or is TorrentFreak)

sighkick, Nov 13, 3:03am
Reece, Reece - I assume that you are using your real name?

And you are asking in a public forum where you can ILLEGALLY obtain a movie that is currently showing on the big screen.

1.You are asking to be caught and fined big time.The pirate busters go for those who download the very latest movies or music.

2.Any copies will be very poor CAM's - taken by some pirate with a handy cam in some movie house.Comes complete with people's heads and movement in front of the camera during the show.

Suggest you simply go to the movies and purchase the DVD when it comes out.

lunatick1, Nov 13, 8:28am
lol nzfact isnt what ur looking for it is about copyright laws etc... thats why the wink from other poster

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