Best internet access with laptop while overseas?

smine, Nov 13, 9:14pm
Hi we travel to and stay in remote places in Europe, usually have a phone line but no cyber cafes nearby.Tried IPASS one year didn't like it was incredibly slow getting going kept losing it and that made it very costly.Suggestions?

ferita, Nov 13, 10:42pm
Europe is a huge place so what you are asking is very vague.

smine, Nov 14, 7:06am
I guess the description was a bit vague.Are there any smart economic ways of handling dial-up or mobile phone based internet access while overseas?Thanks

badcam, Nov 14, 7:42am
Overseas is a big place. Europe is not a country.

How about helping us to help you.

Which countries? Even better...

Which Cities?

gyrogearloose, Nov 14, 8:23am
I used to be away a lot a few years ago, and found that the Telecom calling cards made the dial-up much cheaper. They have a list of local numbers in cities around the world, so instead of making an overseas toll call from your hotel you were instead only making a local call. The hotel would still charge you for the call, but it would be a local call rather than international. Telecom charges applied as well, but overall it was much cheaper than the usual hotel rates (I met the man that went to Paris, dialed up from the hotel, lay down for a moment and woke up in the morning - it was still connected... $5,000)

I think Vodafone could help you with international mobile broadband, but be prepared to pay - and if it's got a data cap be very careful to avoid excess data fees - that could be huge!

badcam, Nov 14, 8:45am
Good advice, but always make sure you talk to the Hotel people before doing so. One hotel I worked at in the UK, for instance, had an auto billing system that would show a huge bill, when in reality the call was either not actually charged to the hotel. It wasn't the hotel's fault, but the only way to confirm the free call was to get on the phone and call the telecom company. Zzzzz.......(hold music plays)...

baker-assoc, Nov 14, 9:39am
Get a $99 pre pay vodem from vodafone, take the sim out, when overseas buy a local sim use that, easy and cheaper than roaming prices

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