Mac Os X 10.5

looking for the above mac os x 10.5 leopard does anyone know where i can buy this, as my mac isn't a intel it is a powerpc and this is the newest that i can pgrade to.

geek_btoogood, Nov 13, 5:36 pm

opps i mean upgrade to

geek_btoogood, Nov 13, 5:36 pm

don't do that

geek_btoogood, Nov 13, 5:41 pm


geek_lugee, Nov 13, 5:43 pm

Id go to a mac store such as Magnum mac, we dont have one in Invercargill, I'd email them and ask if they have any copies of 10.5 for sale.

geek_dafing, Nov 13, 8:06 pm

yeah i rang apple nz and they can sell me one for 299$ which makes me laugh just look at the price of snow leopard

geek_btoogood, Nov 13, 9:23 pm

have you got a PowerPC based mac? if you have an intel then buy snow leopard.

geek_morrisman1, Nov 14, 8:36 am

i know someone with a copy of leopard, she might sell it if i ask as ive got her on snow leopard now

geek_morrisman1, Nov 14, 8:37 am

re:morisman1 ok got a powerpc g5

geek_btoogood, Nov 14, 11:38 am

Ive got 10.5.1 & 10.5.4 if your keen?

geek_laxative, Nov 14, 12:13 pm

re: laxative are they retail copies and how much?

geek_btoogood, Nov 14, 12:15 pm

yes they are retail ones on DVD's if you want them both $20 (4 DVDs). I did use them on a G5.

geek_laxative, Nov 14, 12:20 pm

yip can you please email me at brendontoogood@gmail please.

geek_btoogood, Nov 14, 1:53 pm

that is

geek_btoogood, Nov 14, 2:07 pm

done :)

geek_laxative, Nov 14, 2:11 pm