Iphone 3GS and Microsoft Outlook (Office 2003)

denise60, Oct 6, 10:13pm
Can anyone please tell me if I can run Microsoft Outlook 2003 with Vista so I can sync my contacts and calendar with my iphone 3gs????I currently have "works" on my laptop and the calendar and contacts software is not accepted by iphone to sync.I have Office 2003 on PC at home and at work so have an opportunity to bynew software (2003) at good price because it is so old.Don't want to risk it though if won't work?Would appreciate comments from anyone using MO 2003 with iphone.Thank you :-)

dougstringer, Oct 7, 7:24pm
Yes, it will work.

denise60, Oct 15, 8:31pm
Thanks dougstringer :-)Well I loaded it -all good !!!!Synced it with my iphone and ARRRRRRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!-
!!!! I started with the Outlook Calendar "empty" and some how now every date on my iphone and outlook have moved forward one day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Who knows what caused it !!!!!!!Just wondered if you have heard of such a thing happening before :-(

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