Update Adobe Reader to 9.4

r.g.nixon, Oct 6, 10:12pm
Adobe Reader 9.4 was released yesterday to counter the active exploits that are circulating.

Get your update now (if you use Adobe Reader). I got mine from http://filehippo.com/latest so I can put it on half-a-dozen computers with just one download.

project_gundam, Oct 6, 11:13pm
I just get a dvd from the "NZ pc world " saves downloading it myself off net.

odin5, Oct 7, 1:03am
Mine auto updates, so no need to worry about it.

lostdude, Oct 7, 5:53am
yeah mine just auto-updated itself this morning.

drcspy, Oct 7, 5:58am
acrobat reader sucks...........it's far too bloated

radiowaves, Oct 7, 6:20am
Why would you even use it?No need to update then.

r.g.nixon, Oct 7, 6:48am
I prefer it if I need to print a complex PDF. The colour fills/patterns tend to come out better than with Foxit.

little_egypt, Oct 7, 6:54am

Ditch adobe acrobloat, switch to sumatra or foxit which have never had the same security holes AFAIK. Or if you're a linux user you probably already have evince.

epal, Nov 2, 8:11am
Looking to use Adobe Reader to run files as a slideshow - is there any better programmes that are compatible with the pdf extensions?

r.g.nixon, Nov 2, 9:36am
I haven't heard of PDF slideshows. Do you mean something that will do PgDn every few seonds, or what?

badcam, Nov 2, 9:39am
Sumatra +1.

badcam, Nov 2, 9:40am
Why don't people say are any more? Pirate's excluded.

-mung-, Nov 2, 9:43am
it depends what's in the pdf. I'd stick with reader if you want reliability with a slideshow as it has support for all of Acrobat's features (which are vast, and the reason why reader is "bloated").

Yep, pdfs can be used for fairly decent slideshows, particularly if you author them with other adobe tools such as InDesign.

johnf_456, Nov 2, 9:52am
+1 its one big massive pig!

r.g.nixon, Nov 2, 9:55am
And still has zero-day exploits, as does Flash!

little_egypt, Nov 2, 10:03am
I know I mentioned this elsewhere, but I was blown away by jessyink. It's an extension for inkscape that lets you create really amazing slideshows in a single svg image, which will play in any svg-capable web browser. No player or plugin required.


guest, Nov 2, 1:21pm
I need a Pro version!

r.g.nixon, Nov 2, 7:12pm
Very nice!
I just looked through it but can't recall seeing any support for audio. But I'll take another look - you can insert a link to a video so I guess it is possible.

icioufa, Nov 2, 9:12pm

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