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marcusdidius, Oct 7, 7:01am
Our boss is a bit of an optimist and believes that his staff have enough strength of character to self-monitor their personal internet access during work hours and keep it to a bare minimum.*sigh*We get reminder of this trust issue, but some staff are hooked on Facebook and *ahem* Trade Me MBs!

Another department associated with our work stops all personal internet access on the computers at each desk, but allow one communal computer to access the social networking sites.I was wondering if there are any other options such as this compromise, that the boss can consider, so that it's not just a choice between no personal use, or open slather?

ferita, Oct 7, 7:08am

marcusdidius, Oct 7, 7:12am
Mmm, our IT dept did reports for us last year, but the boss still didn't want to directly point the finger at the particular staff that were going through heaps of websites/pages.

I was wondering if there was a way to allow access only during certain times of the day?Say only in a half hour window at lunchtime?

little_egypt, Oct 7, 7:12am
Set up a dansguardian proxy server, with a cron job that enables access to non-work related sites just before scheduled breaks and turns it off again afterwards. You can also use this to prevent access to 'completely inappropriate sites' from work, automatically scan downloaded files for viruses, and as a bonus you'll also get a squid proxy on your LAN that speeds up access to the most popular sites and keeps your overall traffic down slightly.

ferita, Oct 7, 7:20am
tell your boss to harden up.
They are there to work not piss around playing facebook

marcusdidius, Oct 7, 7:22am
I fully intend to, ferita.But it always pays to have a clear solution to present to a man, to soften the blow.

marcusdidius, Oct 7, 7:26am
Thanks, that sounds like the solution we need.

jayc2007, Oct 7, 11:21am
Why not just install squid without Danguardian since you can set time-based ACLS?

-mung-, Oct 7, 11:28am
Is there a productivity problem?

If there isn't leave them the hell alone.

foxray2000, Oct 7, 8:04pm
no tell your "boss" to get some balls he's paid to be a manager so manage, sorry pet hate of mine everyone else has to be retrained etc because a few idiots cannot do what they are supposed too.

cybertao, Oct 7, 8:15pm
Nothing wrong with directly pointing the finger.Handing out formal warnings aren't out of the question; a solid attack on it now can change the culture of what is acceptable and stop it being a problem both now and in the future.
If you block Trade Me or Facebook then the peeps might end up discovering there are other website.The problem isn't the internet, but the employees.

damon3, Oct 7, 9:20pm
+1 for squid, mutli platform too so if you CBF running/learning anything about linux and have more dollars then sense you can put it on a windows box.

-mung-, Oct 8, 2:44pm
presumably you go to work to achieve a certain result. If you achieve that result then internet use isn't a problem. If you don't achieve that result then internet use isn't THE problem.

Arbitrarily changing crap for no particular good reason p*sses good workers off (and they leave). Lots of people have an inner control freak. Leave it at home, it's not wanted.

At no point does the OP say that there is actually an issue with work getting done, just that people are using personal sites a lot. If they can do both, let them, they are adults.

jcmp21, Oct 8, 3:24pm
Totally depends on the workplace. At my work I have restricted some peoples access to some sites, some to all but the required sites and other let them do their own thing.

As far as people getting resentful over being restricted. The workplace owns the hardware, the network and the bill for internet at the end of the month. If an employee feels that they have a right to be paid to sit on facebook chewing through bandwidth with the stupid games or watching youtube videos, let them get disgruntledas they are queuing up for the dole at least they wont be all sour at work with the grown ups who can manage work time against personal time.

fishb8, Oct 8, 6:48pm
We can't get facebook, Google Earth and TM is shut down between 08.00 - 17.00 - it was consuming 30+% of the (big) company's bandwidth!!

jcmp21, Oct 8, 11:05pm
Some people will never be a boss. Behaviour like that and you will be looking for another job.

damon72, Oct 9, 1:52am
Are you the one paying the bills at your company. I'd hope not with an quote like that. If that can spend an hour or two wasting time on FB and TM surely they could be doing something a hell of alot more productive. We banned those sites a few years ago, as they were over 50% of all traffic. With over 400 PCs, it doesn't take long to rack up a whole lot of lost productivity.

vampire10, Oct 9, 3:23am
you should be working not piss farting around on the net.
your paid to do the job your not paid to surf the net.
you can get laid off for not doing what is required by you,
by your contract alone.
so get on with your job get home and use your pc there, not your employers time and bandwidth

badcam, Oct 9, 3:37am
So people can't be trusted to monitor their own internet usage?

little_egypt, Oct 9, 3:51am
It depends entirely on the company, the type of employees, and the kind of people you have managing them. At the end of the day though the computer and internet connection are provided by your employer so you can get your job done, not so you can goof off on facebook and youtube all day. If they're blocked, it's not going to kill you to wait until you get home to get on them! Or ask your boss if they can be unblocked during designated break times (which is quite easy to set up on a Linux box using a cron job)

badcam, Oct 9, 3:57am
I can't disagree with that.

-mung-, Oct 9, 4:10am
Yup I agree I guess it does depend on the company. Bandwidth use is a good reason to restrict it although I was thinking low-bandwidth pages, not p2p or much youtube.

But "you should be working" as a reason alone is a control-freak reason. If employee X produces excellent results, you don't mess with them. What, you wanna replace them with employee Y and Z who aren't nearly as good simply because they don't browse the net? Good luck.

jcmp21, Oct 9, 6:16am
No, especially when huge bills can be accumulated, malware can be introduced to the network, and liability can be placed on the workplace for the actions of any employees.

cybertao, Oct 9, 6:20am
While you're at it you might as well disable the soundcard, optical drive, USB ports, and tell all your employees you only trust them as far as you can see them.

jcmp21, Oct 9, 6:25am
I know of a place that used to allow unrestricted browsing until one person was spending the day between poker sites, facebook, trademe, msn and ICQ. After a month of that person being there the internet bill was $1400 over the normal amount so everybody that was responsible had it ruined by one person. That $1400 didn't include the cost of the cleanup after the malware he introduced into the network along with the downtime of everyone else. If you put yourself in the owner of a businesses shoes and imagine you had a builder come over for an hour and he was texting his girlfriend for most of the time, did the job then billed you for a whole hour would you think its a bit off that half the time was paying for him to text?

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