Factory restore !!

kiwiborn1, Oct 7, 8:33am
i am wanting to do a factory restore on a pc which was given to me which runs xp.I am notable to find this setting, but can find it on my laptop easily.am i able to do this or not???

sokrayzie, Oct 7, 8:48am
You need to get a hold of windows XP disk and format and/or reinstall windows. If you can't legally get a hold of an XP disk then download one. Its not your fault Microsoft doesn't let you format and reinstall windows freshly without a disk (even though they recommend you do it every 6 months), and you'll be using the same cd key that came with the laptop so you wouldn't be stealing anyway.

Since you said "factory restore" you probably want to have all the orignal components that came with the computer like the drivers and programs. In this case you will need to see if the ex-owner has a disk or download a driver downloading program.

r.g.nixon, Oct 7, 8:50am
I back up the drivers first (search for drivermax - it is free).

cursedone, Oct 7, 9:26am
Some desktops do come with the factory retore option

drcspy, Oct 7, 2:44pm
all computers are different
maybe you could help us help you by giving some basic info

what make/model of computer would be a damn good start

ferita, Oct 7, 6:06pm
Yes what make and model. If it is a big brand like compaq etc it may have factory restore. If it is a computer made by a small shop it may not have factory restore.

kiwiborn1, Oct 7, 10:45pm
thanks for your help, i dont think i need to do a restore now....

hakatere1, Oct 8, 8:13pm
OK, how did you solve problem?

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