Acer preset buttons, ..... gone ..

jfor, Oct 7, 8:53am
can anyone me reset my e-mail and www buttons. have looked up 'help' but get stuck when I have to put it in a file.

r.g.nixon, Oct 7, 8:54am
The have gone again? So soon after the last time?

badcam, Oct 7, 8:55am
Your keyboard buttons?

Make and Model?

badcam, Oct 7, 8:55am
Will they start another?

-mung-, Oct 7, 8:56am

jfor, Oct 7, 9:01am
they are the factory preset buttons , above my laptops keyboard.
Its an acer aspire 5520. another person somehow removed them. they work again using launch manager, but it has to be done everytime. ...hope that makes sense.

r.g.nixon, Oct 7, 9:16am
Start > Run > msconfig
See if it is in the startup items but unticked.

tmenz, Oct 7, 8:07pm
Looks like your 'print triple' button is working OK!

jfor, Oct 10, 9:44am
Still hav'nt fixed it !!

-mung-, Oct 10, 9:46am
what did you try?

gibler, Oct 10, 9:49am
ring acer0800 223 769

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