Wireless adapter problems

My friend has a Dell inspiron 1525 with dell 1395 mini-card WLAN network adapter.

Her wireless keeps cutting out and when it does the adapter is not visible in the device manager.

We have tried updating and reinstalling the driver but this has not sropped the adapter from stopping working. The only thing that seems to help is a restart and it can take up to 4 to get it working again.

Any ideas???

Help much appeciated.

geek_ryderc, Oct 10, 8:17 am

check device manager , find the adaptor listed under 'networking devices' clik up it's properties and make sure that theres NO tick under 'power management' "let the computer turn this device off to save power"..........if there is ........remove that tick then clik apply/ok etc

geek_drcspy, Oct 10, 8:21 am

its not the software, when there is no connection present the WLAN wont show up anyway. check the Modem/ phone line settings, etc, do you have a filter in, do they use those cheap 30-80 dollar cordless phones that broadcast on 2.8 Ghz?

geek_nizmonut, Oct 10, 8:38 am

That's the thing, when it cuts out the WLAN card isn't present in the device manager and when it is working there are no issues.

geek_ryderc, Oct 10, 9:35 am

It isnt the modem I am using my laptop and I can see a connection.

It isnt the modem I am using my laptop and I can see a connection.

geek_ryderc, Oct 10, 9:36 am

did you check that setting in device manager yes or no ?

geek_drcspy, Oct 10, 10:37 am