Htc touch pro 2

hi does anyone have idea how to put android on this phone.
ive googled it and i cant work it out
please help i will pay!!!

geek_arbarlow, Oct 10, 4:07 pm

There is no working Android port for Touch Pro 2 Tilt.

geek_enigma, Oct 10, 4:11 pm

Well, there are some, but none will work flawlessly. Will depend on what you can live without.

geek_enigma, Oct 10, 4:12 pm

texting normal calling , android apps,bluetooth, wifi
? or what is avaliable mate
ive listed my phone to sell to buy 1 but ive seen some on google

geek_arbarlow, Oct 10, 4:17 pm

Not working BT, Camera, Headphones, Speakerphone (no mic), Battery Meter. None of the ports are full ROMs, you will run haret to start Linux off Windows and to get back you will need to reboot. So basically you will be running an emulation off your SD card. If you just want look and feel of Android, the easiest solution is to load an Androkidd, it's a UI, rather than OS, you just start it like a program.

geek_enigma, Oct 10, 4:20 pm

can you give me some help as to where i can dowload and how to install

geek_arbarlow, Oct 10, 4:52 pm

i tried installing with memory card but i had to install net framework 3.5 i think then i said it couldnt find path so i gave up.
mate i cant even figure out cookies home tab to change today screen and add widgets to homescreen it really frustrates me please help!!!!!!!!lol

geek_arbarlow, Oct 10, 4:57 pm

drop me an e-mail, will take it from there.

geek_enigma, Oct 10, 5:20 pm

sent it through your listing mate thanks

geek_arbarlow, Oct 10, 5:47 pm