Brother printer problem

debz911, Oct 10, 9:56am
I have a Brother MFC-210C that is coming up with the message "Unable to Clean" Have looked in the User's Guide (no answers) and tried unplugging from power supply- no joy! Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

gibler, Oct 10, 9:59am

morrisman1, Oct 10, 10:08am
I dumped my one, it was using more ink cleaning than it did printing! It wouldn't let me run the cartridges dry and if I left it turned off at the wall the ink capillaries blocked up. Useless pile of junk. Brother lasers on the other hand are pretty good

debz911, Oct 10, 10:23am
Thanks gibler- had a look at that site and it would appear I need to do what morrisman did- dump it! Thanks for your reply too morrisman. Town tomorrow to buy a new printer!

richms, Oct 11, 12:42am
well, you are buying an ink using machine that just happens to print.

I am amazed that people will buy those cheap-ass machines and then spend literally 1000s on the ink on its lifespan, yet complain at the idea of getting a laser printer because toner costs too much.

debz911, Oct 11, 7:32am
mmm- atno time in my post did I complain about the ink useage nor the cost of toner for a laser printer! But thanks for your post- everyone is entittled to their opinion.

justaz, Oct 11, 8:44am
Hi there - yep, I had the MFC-210C and it was OK for the purposes I needed it for but then I had a monumental paper jam and no amount of unjamming would sort it out, would have cost more to fix it than to buy another one so off it went to the inorganic.Replaced it with an HP but strangely have since returned to another Brother, different model though.

chandan_garai, Oct 17, 12:11pm
printing problem in black & white mode.
chandan garai

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