Linux and facebook, can you access facebook with

without an IP address. I loaded linux because I heard that you can not get as many viruses. I was hit with one and reloaded my computer. Now I go to facebook and within being there for 5 minutes or less it does the ficker thingy and closes out other windows in the process.and a shadow box appears and loads itself into konsole. I was trying to find the file manager when I opened it and the empty shadow box loaded itself there. I still have not found the file manager. Anyway I believe the facebook virus is coming from facebook and my ip address because I have not had the trouble when using it at the library. facebook at the library is okay. I need to access facebook without my ip address linking me. Is this possible?

geek_milkath, Oct 13, 6:36 am

Oh there's going to be a field day with this. I'm not sure what you are meaning by access without an IP address, but in short you cannot access anything on the internet without an IP address. If you didn't have one there would be nowhere for the server to send the information for your machine to download. What flavour of Linux is it?

geek_jcmp21, Oct 13, 6:55 am

unbutu ok so someone is targeting my ip address when i access facebook is that what your saying.

geek_milkath, Oct 13, 6:59 am


geek_milkath, Oct 13, 7:00 am

so i should only use fcebook at the library? and reload again?

geek_milkath, Oct 13, 7:01 am

There's a couple terms you've used you need to explain:

shadow box

And do you REALLY mean something loads into Konsole? Just seems a bit odd you know what that is without being able to find the filemanager.

geek_smac, Oct 13, 7:26 am

I would think it is safer to use facebook at home, unless your router has been compromised. Are you sure it's not trying to install flash or something?

geek_jcmp21, Oct 13, 7:27 am

*Kubuntu since konsole.

geek_jayc2007, Oct 13, 7:31 am

The 'file manager' is called nautilus, and it's the window that opens when you access the places menu. For a more familiar windows-y view click the left panel where it says Places and choose Tree instead, but be aware that Linux is not Windows and you won't be able to (nor should you) do anything with any of the files and directories outside of your own home directory.

As jcmp21 says, you cannot do anything on the internet "without an IP address" .. but if you wish to be anonymous you can use a proxy. That means you still have an IP address, but other websites will see you connecting from the proxy's IP instead of your own.

There is no chance that anyone else on the internet is doing anything to make facebook not work. Much more likely that you're using the default 'swfdec' flash plugin which doesn't support most flash games. I would suggest you go to System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager, search for the package named "ubuntu-restricted-extras-
" and install that. (Click the box next to it, choose install, click the "apply" button up the top... enter password when prompted)

You might also just be running out of memory. facebook games are terrible memory hogs and probably making firefox crash, but you can easily buy some more memory on TM.

geek_little_egypt, Oct 13, 7:36 am

Hmmm.. wondering if they mean GDM is crashing and it's going to a text screen. Very confusing description.

geek_little_egypt, Oct 13, 7:41 am

sorry for the sorry description. I have no problem getting onto facebook. It is where I pick up the virus.And only when I use facebook at home does it load. I have reloaded unbunto 3 times now. so no more facebook from home computer for me. I am not sure I should even try a proxy. Hubby is getting kinda tired of the whole mess. As for getting to a file manager i just want to load documents under different files and to make a file I need a file manager yes? I don't want all my doc under just docs. I like to keep things i find on the internet under different subjects. Like boatsand medical and art and gardening without it all being in the same file documents. The flicker is an actually flicker that occursnot the program flicker. does that help?

geek_milkath, Oct 13, 8:04 am

the virus makes my computer load pages without my wanting them there. They will load them under different tabs as well. So if I close it out it shows up somewhere else. and every five minutes are so the computer goes to opening and closing files so fast it looks like a flicker.

geek_milkath, Oct 13, 8:07 am

Please re-read what's been posted. Try following Lil'E's suggestion in Post 9 about the Ubuntu Restricted Extras.

geek_badcam, Oct 13, 8:11 am

while i was using the windows it changed my windows for my printer with a different dialog box than usual. My setting are getting changed as well. I feel like I might be a victim of the stux virus. as for knowing about konsole i do not know about konsole i just opened it thinking it might be what I was looking for. but it was not. but after I opened it the shadow box like a dialog box about the size 50mils by 50miles with nothing in it not an x to close it or anything. it moved itself into konsole withing seconds of opening konsole. and btw,Panda does not recognize the virus. I tried to fight it with that. lame i know.

geek_milkath, Oct 13, 8:12 am

and the post numbers on tm are replaced with an odd icon thingy. so post 9 means nothing to me. But i know who lile is so anyway thanks... as for games on facebook boring. have not done that for ages. I don't have time for all that. so do i need ubuntu-restricted-extras- just to play games. if so I don't need it. I don't play games for the most part. I have played one or two of the linux games however. not facebooks games though. i guess what i am asking is what is the ubuntu-restricted-extras- for?

geek_milkath, Oct 13, 8:17 am

i have plenty of memory as well. so no problem there so says my computer guy. btw he is out for a while so i have to work with this thing for the next few days. and so it posses another question. should I stop using my computer because of the virus until my computer is reloaded again?

geek_milkath, Oct 13, 8:19 am

It sounds like you need to go to a course in basic computer skills. I teach one in Hamilton, so I'll try and give you a few of the basics here; BTW these skills are almost identical in Windows or Linux.

Look for the "Places" menu (by default in Ubuntu it will be at the top right between Applications and System) .. click that and go down to "Documents" and click again. A window will open. That window is "Nautilus" which is a file manager, and it's showing you a view of the Documents folder. Inside that Folder there are some other default folders named Music, Videos, etc.

To create a new folder just right-click somewhere in the white space, not on one of the existing folders, and choose 'create folder' and then type a name for it (eg type 'boats') and press enter. Now you have a new folder where you can put all your stuff about boats!

To open that folder double click on it (just like windows ;) and to get back to the documents folder again you can either click 'Documents' in the location bar just above the folder view, or the Documents shortcut in the panel on the left.

You can have more than one of these windows open at the same time, for example if you recently downloaded something about boats leave the 'boats' folder open, then go up to the Places menu again (top right of the screen) and choose 'Downloads' and you'll get another window with all the things you recently downloaded. With the mouse, simply drag anything about boats from the Downloads folder over to the boats folder and then you'll have all your boat stuff organised in one place!

geek_little_egypt, Oct 13, 8:29 am

I think the chances of having a 'virus' in Ubuntu is to unlikely as to be something I would not even consider. Far more likely that you have a hardware issue, or your computer guy has set things up very badly.

geek_little_egypt, Oct 13, 8:33 am

BTW just for the record my wife and two children all use facebook and play facebook games in Ubuntu, and have never had any problems other than the games being slow and using a lot of memory because they're so badly written. Certainly nothing like you describe.

geek_little_egypt, Oct 13, 8:42 am

i have a virus. it loaded during the facebook session. my computer guy saw it while it was on my windows operating system. and as for the basics i just did not know where to find the file manager. I know how to do basics. just did not know the name for the explore in linux. I did not know the word konsole but it looked like a start so I tried it. As for facebook i was having a heated argument with a few people on facebook about politics and that is probably not what your family does on facebook.

geek_milkath, Oct 13, 8:55 am

btw thanks for the places, documents hint. cheers lil e.

geek_milkath, Oct 13, 8:56 am

This isn't going to end well

geek_jcmp21, Oct 13, 9:03 am

The post numbers are at the bottom of every post to the right of each persons user name. Just look below. You'll see my username, the time I posted it and the date, then the Post Number beginning with a # sysmbol. You'll be able to recognise the post numbers in future, because they are in ascending numerical order ;)

geek_badcam, Oct 13, 9:04 am

milkath if you did indeed "have a virus" on windows, the same thing will not infect a linux machine.

Ubuntu does not have a correct/complete flash setup by default. For a novice user I really would recommend blowing it all away and loading Mint instead. Failing that, take the time to set it up properly before trying Facebook again. Google "Kubuntu setup facebook" or something, there'll be plenty of stuff out there.

This really does sound like flash issues, and/or you've recently added some weirdo Facebook extension- there's certainly plenty of them around.

geek_smac, Oct 13, 9:05 am

You don't have a virus in Ubuntu. Take that as fact. What you're seeing is some other problem. It may be that your computer is simply not well supported under Ubuntu. There might be a workaround, or you might like to try another distribution such as opensuse, but endlessly reinstalling Ubuntu is not going to resolve the issue.

Nobody on facebook is causing the issues you're having, no matter how pissed off with you they might be.

I did not suggest learning some basic computer skills in order to insult you. I suggested it because from your first post it's clear that your current skills are very limited and you would get much better use from your computer if you knew a bit more about how to work it.

geek_little_egypt, Oct 13, 9:05 am

OP, congrats on successful troll - bonus points for name dropping stux.

geek_osymandias, Oct 13, 4:25 pm


geek_rlr29, Oct 14, 5:41 pm

Since you are using Kubuntu what web browser are you using are you using the default konquer one or Firefox sounds like the browser might be missing some plug-ins needed by face-book but that's my 2 cents

geek_7of9, Oct 14, 6:19 pm