Thunderbird update 3.1.4 hogging CPU usage.

chito, Oct 12, 7:22pm
Since I updated whenever I go to thunderbird it slows my computer down and according to the task Manager is using 25-100% of my cpu. Why is this, and what's the solution? It doesn't appear to be sending data at the time.

r.g.nixon, Oct 12, 7:43pm
Updated from which version? Some people prefer version 2.something for that or a similar reason.

chito, Oct 12, 8:13pm
Not sure what I had before, probably 3.1.1, because I update when it tells me there's a newer version.
I just unticked the check for updates. task manager says it's using 67% CPU and the hard drive is spinning. Can I just download an older version to downgrade?

badcam, Oct 12, 8:14pm
Turn off Global Indexing in the preferences menu. Somewhere under the advanced tab I recall. I don't have TB on this PC, so I can't tell you exactly where it's located.

drcspy, Oct 12, 8:14pm might have it

badcam, Oct 12, 8:15pm
Also, it may be creating a copy of your IMAP folders on your local drive (stupid implementation). File syncing??? Turn that off too.

shinedog, Oct 12, 8:16pm
Turn off, "Global Search Indexer" under --> options --> Advanced. May help.

vtecintegra, Oct 12, 10:09pm
Or just leave it open for a while to let it finish indexing.

Its only a problem when the initial index is being built, and quick content searches are a very useful feature

chito, Oct 12, 11:35pm
Thanks all. I will give it a try with global indexing off. Badcam, I can't see an option to copy, or not IMAP folders.

johnf_456, Oct 13, 1:45am

Can't beat good old file hippo for old version and new versions of common apps. All in one.

chito, Oct 14, 6:36am
I think it's settled down now. Must've been the global searching for a couple of days. Fingers crossed. THanks for your help.

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