Question re Ubuntu- 64bit v 32bit

flewy, Oct 13, 7:22am
does it really matter, just wondering. I only use 2GB of memory , mostly web browse and well thats it LOL, I have always got 64bit editions but just wondering is is really necessary. I ask as i have been producing a Ubuntu tweak via VBox and as i do not have Hardware Virtualization on this motherboard, have only been using the 32bit edition,. Just trying to produce something that is fully how i want it at install coz i can..

jayc2007, Oct 13, 7:28am
lots of info here:

i don't really understand your explanation of your situation so can't give a specfic answer but tbh i'd go with 64bit

flewy, Oct 13, 7:39am
yeah much the muchness i guess.

little_egypt, Oct 13, 7:58am
There's no strong reason to go with 64 bit for most users, but there usually isn't any reason not to either. About the only issue remaining AFAIK is that some winmodem drivers are only built for 32bit and you can't use those on a 64-bit system. Everything else, codecs, flash, restricted drivers is totally compatible. And I might even be wrong about the modems.

flewy, Oct 13, 8:05am
and ive read, you can even use over 3GB on 32bit Linux with PAE which sounds great to me .

jayc2007, Oct 13, 8:35am
yes but be careful the order in which you install it.

I'm actually using 32bit with PAE.

You remove all the kernel-headers through synaptic and replace with the pae kernel and headers and install those. restart. THEN install your nvidia drivers if you need to and it will work. installing nvidia drivers first then pae doesnt work. :(

badcam, Oct 13, 8:37am
I think 64bit makes a slight difference. I can't quantify just how much, but I've got 32bit and64bit Mint 9.0 on the same PC (AMD Quad 4) and 64's by far my preference.

little_egypt, Oct 13, 9:37am
My understanding is that this is not so much about being 64 bit 'per se' but because a 64-bit CPU guarantees that the chip is recent and supports at least a certain set of instructions. The 32-bit kernels are compiled to support all the way back to some fairly old chips and the code isn't as efficient as it could be when running on more recent CPUs.

cybertao, Oct 13, 7:07pm
Linux From Scratch is my linux bible.I've learned so much from it.

odin5, Oct 14, 12:57am
Get Windows!!!

(Sorry I just couldn't resist, since the opposite is said on Windows threads, I know I'm lame, but I'm bored)

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