D-Link ADSL modem ADSL 200

rachb681, Oct 14, 12:36am
Can these be connected to a wireless modem?
Im looking at one on here but after a bit of googling i saw that it is a usb one, does that mean that it has to be connected to the computer to work or connected by a usb to anything else?

I have the basic belkin wireless modem, would it connect to that?

Any info will help, thanks

drcspy, Oct 14, 1:35am
what 'wireless modem' do you have ?

exact model/make please you'll find it on a sticker thing somewhere on it

drcspy, Oct 14, 1:48am
be clearer

you already have'basic belkin wireless modem' ?

why would you want another one ?

rachb681, Oct 14, 1:58am
basic belkin router is what it is called

and the one im asking about isnt a wireless one

D-Link DSL-302G ADSL Modem, im now looking at that one as i saw that the first one wont work

rachb681, Oct 14, 1:58am

drcspy, Oct 14, 2:16am
look I'm totally bloody confused

what router/modem do you have now ?

are you looking at buying that belkin ?

rachb681, Oct 14, 2:44am
D-Link DSL-302G ADSL Modem

is what i just got off here (TM)

i already have the belkin wireless one that has to connect into a broadband modem

rachb681, Oct 14, 2:50am
what i asked was if the modem (D-Link DSL-302G ADSL Modem)
would work in my belkin wireless router

i changed the modem coz i realized the other one wont work and now im asking about the one in brackets

drcspy, Oct 14, 3:56am
short answer

yes it should

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