Where can I buy printer

busybeaver2, Oct 14, 6:44am
ink cartridges for a dell printer , I've been told they are only available online

odin5, Oct 14, 6:48am

busybeaver2, Oct 14, 6:50am
yep just searched trademe and found some in auckland thanks . Any generic cartridges fittheir printers ?

busybeaver2, Oct 14, 6:53am
oopssorry;-) just tryed your link thanks again would've got to google eventually lol

odin5, Oct 14, 7:01am
only found out about http://lmgtfy.com/ today and been wanting to try it on someone ;)

busybeaver2, Oct 14, 8:03am
lol I do that with my cooking haha always looking for a new lab rat to sample my creations cheers

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