Vodafone australia 3g network any good

mycool87, Oct 14, 7:48pm
I am off to Australia on sunday.
I have a prepaid vodafone vodem.
The nz vodafone network is not the best for the vodem sticks. I find the speeds are crap. But even though the telecom network is faster, I don't like there prepaid plans. What is the vodafone au network like. I am going to get a sim card loaded with a dataplan at vodafone at brisbane airport. Or is it better to get a telstra stick. The other reason I want to use vodafone over there is because I don't want to go hunting for a retail shop to get a stick. It is easier to go to vodafone at the airport.Does anyone have any sugestions if vodafone is crap in au

malachiman, Oct 14, 9:18pm
Like anything, depends on where you are to how good its going to be.

tahnasha, Oct 14, 11:04pm
I've heard good things about Vodafone.Telstra has the best coverage in Australia, but unless you're going to the outback you won't need them.Telstra Customer Service, is the worst in the Western world, LOL.They have good plans with their phones.You will probably finder the Aussie network faster than NZ as a rule anyway.

rojill, Oct 15, 7:59am
Be VERY careful if roaming.
select voda au when there, not optus or telstra.

Best way is to go with 2 degrees, much much cheaper AND you KNOW how much it will cost you
I used to be with voda nz and went roaming in aus and one 18 minute call back to nz mobile cost me $162.

NEVER EVER again with Voda.
They don't tell you that when you ask about roaming, only how easy and great it is.
Swapped to 2 degrees in NZ then I go roaming with them .
Just got back from a quick trip to brissy and total call cost were nz $15.30

dunedin_ree, Oct 15, 8:15am
I used Optus when I was in Oz recently, $30 for 3 GB I think.Worked nicely :)

guest, Feb 3, 12:43pm
Australia now has very poor service and thats for Vodafone the company does not care give it 2 years and Vodafone will collapse. Why well they are already in the red here they have been loosing and there is someone smarter with better and cheaper technology ready to jump in.

Vodafone should be made for poor service if you use their system because it is slow and drops out most of the time it is costing you money
and that's for the CEO ha ha what is this he has no idea what so ever this business is going to collapse

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