Acer laptop.

budgel, Oct 14, 9:58pm
Why do they get such a bad rap?I would never have bought one because of the bad reports about them, but I was given one [Extensa 2000] when my desktop went down and have found that it is just fine.

I think it may have been upgraded because the person who gave it to me had been using voice recognition software which needs more memory, but nevertheless it works just fine.

malachiman, Oct 14, 10:04pm
Well they work just like any other computer, just they have a higher fail rate than normal, and the ones I have seen have a terrible build quality.

r.g.nixon, Oct 14, 10:07pm
Do they still use ECS motherboards? If so that could explain the higher failure rate.

gibler, Oct 14, 10:20pm
you just need to look at the "quality" of their Acer Support NZ website.

stevel_knievel, Oct 14, 10:58pm
I don't think their failure rates are that much higher than other companies, and probably better than a few (*cough* HP).

The aftermarket support is shocking, high turn around times for repairs, overpriced spare parts that take forever to order in *if they are available*. If you ring their support number, you'll be lucky to have the phone answered in under an hour.

IMO Acer aim for the budget market and as such user lower cost components, which do produce a slightly higher failure rate. But the real nightmare occurs after the failure has happened.

vtecintegra, Oct 14, 11:27pm
This is exactly it.

Some of the newer models like the Timeline series are actually really well built for their class.

pixie138, Oct 14, 11:35pm
have 2 acer laptops and the newer one has just come back froma 'motherboard' repair, luckily i was 1 week from warranty expiring, used the older one while waiting for repair job, wasn't too bad of a process and the store i bought from helped a bit.

in saying that i will never buy acer again.

pcfix4u, Oct 14, 11:38pm
Just have a good back up plan.

drcspy, Oct 15, 3:40am

malachiman, Oct 15, 4:07am
Thats interesting to note.

osymandias, Oct 15, 4:10am
I have one sitting on my lap, one of the latest models; it has about 0.5 mm gap between screen bezel and screen, the keyboard letters are stuck on not etched. I needed a windows laptop for a couple of months so it's all good, but if this was going to be my main machine I'd be feeling nervous... Also, holy crap is the keyboard atrocious...

sirrab, Oct 15, 8:44am
i have one that is over 3 years old. works fine :)

blenheim-trader, Oct 15, 9:01am
I don't think most users take into account a lot of variables when comparing Laptops.

Have often is the laptop used..
Are they using it for gaming.
Have they used all its features e.g does the vga port work ,do all usb ports works work, etc etc

How do they treat the laptop ?

We have 3 Toshiba's 2 old 1 new l500d/015 (has 1 dead pixel from new)

So on that basis the new needs a repair from new..

vtecintegra, Oct 15, 10:59am
What model?

osymandias, Oct 17, 1:56am
5740G, AMD HD5650/1GB, core i3, 500GB - the 5650 provides plenty of pixel pushing power for the 1366x768 native res. and they OC beautifully.It's basically a 5730, or rather 5730s are factory OC's 5650s. I'd recommend it if you want a second unit for portable (luggable) gaming. Only drawback is that they are impossible to hackintosh properly. More info here

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